Breathtaking Birthdays

Hello, everybody! These past few weeks have been filled with some amazing adventures in cakeland, so I hope you enjoy them!

As the title suggests, there were a lot of birthdays these past few weeks. Usually, there is, but there was a least more that stood out to me. Something I’d often cite in the past were these number cakes, or cakes that were carved out to look like the age which the person is turning. And in these past weekends, there were three! The first one I saw was a 30th birthday cake, showing a vibrant array of colors, which I just loved. Another one of these cakes was then for a 21st birthday. I thought the color scheme for this one was pretty as well; I think the peach and light green are a good mix. The last one of these ‘number cakes’ was technically for two kids for their 16th birthday, with the ‘One’ being designed for the one kid, and the ‘Six’ for the other! I hope you all had wonderful birthdays!

There were so many birthdays from these past weeks, I think I’ll have to split it up into two paragraphs just to mention a few! First off, there were two rocket or spaced themed birthday cakes that went out. The first one, a small, one-tier circle cake, was a simplistic one, but still pretty cute nevertheless, with a large rocket. The other with a rocket was also flying in space, with many stars and asteroids. There were also two doughnut-themed cakes! The first was a drip-cake one, that actually had the middle cut out of it to keep the doughnut shape! I also loved the pastel colors on this one. The other doughnut cake had actual doughnuts on it! It was a smaller cake, with a blue accent to it [and it featured the drip icing too!]. Another cake that was pretty cool featured a barbeque theme. It even had little hamburgers on the grill! One adorable cake was also a two-tier, designed like a cow! I loved the little pink and white swirls on the top.

From these birthdays, there were actually three different mermaid-themed cakes that I thought it’d be cool to mention. First, there was an interesting [in a good way, of course] mermaid cake, with the sides being a blue ombre, and a pink tail popping out of the top! Another one featured a much more prominent array of green and pink plants growing on the ocean flower, with two purple tails instead. Speaking of which, this final mermaid cake was completely purple and indigo, with purple and pink shells and swirls all around. It also showed two purple mermaid tails too.

Continuing on with the wonderful birthdays, one cake had a gracious pink theme to it. It was a one-tier, featuring different drinks and a high heel drawing on the top of it. There was also a 90th birthday cake from these past weeks! Although you can’t quite see it in the picture, it featured a beautiful array of purple flowers. Another cool cake was a two-tier, with the first being designed as a tractor tire, and the second showing a tractor design on it! One adorable cake was of Mickey Mouse, in a train! It also had this cute rainbow border around it. One cake I also saw was a wonderful woodpecker cake! I love birds, and this cake was so pretty! And what I believe is the last birthday cake of this blog post featured Mario and Luigi, high fiving each other. So, I hope you all had some amazing birthday celebrations!

And you cannot forget about cupcakes! There were also some neat cupcakes from the past two weekends as well. I actually thought this first one, a whiskey barrel, was a cake at first until I looked closer at it. These cupcake collages of sorts are pretty cool, where you take cupcakes and ice them all at once, creating one design. Another set of cupcakes had some great floral designs on them. They had a small, light grayish rose, and pink and purple flowers too. I loved these garden cupcakes as well. They had a crumb topping which representing soil and had little plants on them! Peter Rabbit was the theme. I think my favorite part of these though were the signs ‘showing’ the different veggies that could be grown in the garden, like radishes! I hope you all had great celebrations too!

Speaking of cupcakes, there was a selection of Easter ones from these past few weeks! It was Easter a few weeks ago, and there were a few easter-themed desserts that had gone out! This set of cupcakes featured a little bunny, with its paws and little cottontail visible. I thought these were so cute! Another Easter cake was a 1-tier, with a ‘nest’ of blue robin’s eggs on the top. I actually saw this morning a Robin making its nest near our house, so this is somewhat ironic! One other Easter cake I saw was one I see almost every year. It’s a one-tier, designed with a basket weave, with the candy eggs and icing flowers overflowing it. This is almost like a reminder of the Easter season for cakes, as I remember this design from when I was little. Although very, very late, I hope you all had wonderful Easter celebrations!

There were also some plain-out delightful cakes from these past few weeks. For one, there was an adorable cake to welcome a new baby to a family, with a little Winnie-the-Pooh! I grew up watching all of the different shorts of these characters, and this was just so nice. Another cake was very unique, which was seemingly ‘cut’ to show a rocky gemstone underneath. This was done with blue rock candy, and I loved the gold accent that went along with it.

Not this last weekend, but the weekend before, there was an event called Toast for TJ, to celebrate TJ’s life. We did cupcakes for this, and I am very happy that we were able to contribute to this celebration.

More recently, there was also Mother’s Day! One set of cupcakes that went out featured little hearts with the word ‘Mom’ on them, and pink and red sprinkles. And to all the moms out there, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day! And to my mom, I love you so much, and thank you for all that you do! With that, I hope you enjoyed this insight into our recent adventures in cakeland.

Cupcake Parade

Hello, everybody! These past two weekends were filled with some amazing cakes, which I hope you enjoy taking a look at!

Jumping right in, from these past weeks, there were a lot of cool cupcakes. One of these sets was of simple icing roses. Now, I am personally not a fan of icing (I see it all the time), but I thought these roses were very elegant. I also am working on an art project at school with roses, so I have been in the rose mood, if you will, recently as well. Another cupcake set was for a gender reveal party, and had blue and pink icing, with either blue or pink [the opposite of whatever icing color was on] each cupcake. I loved the colors of these cupcakes. One group of cupcakes were also for a wedding, with some having green leaves in them. The thing that stood out for me though was the cupcake holders around each of the cupcakes. I actually put these together. When we get these holders, it’s usually my job to do these, and I think it’s great that I can help add these little touches to these events. Another [yes, I said there were a ton!] set of cupcakes featured a red panda design. These actually went along with a birthday cake, which I’ll talk about a little later on. These cupcakes were just adorable, I loved the little red panda faces, and the ‘9’s reminded me of the old fondant cut-outs that there used to be a lot of when I was little. This other group of cupcakes was very unique: Magic 8 Balls! I thought this was innovative, and I cannot remember seeing cupcakes like this before. I thought it was great that they were not just the ‘8’ either, but the different phrases you find when you shake it, like ‘false’ and ‘it is certain’. I hope you enjoyed your many cupcakes at your celebrations!

One kind of cake that is sometimes ignored are these small ones [I really don’t know what else you’d call them]. Most of the time, they are these small, 1-tier cakes. One of these from this past week was one that had simple rainbow sprinkles, which I like. Another one, which I saw my mom do, was this cute pink one, having different silver and gold beads around the sides of the cake, not just on the edges of the top or bottom. There was also a 1st birthday cake, that was covered with sprinkles at the top, except for one section, which was empty, showing a ‘1’! I thought this was very colorful. As for a unique one for this, as I was going through the pictures from this weekend, I saw a heart-shaped cake, with these little stick-figure guys on it! We usually don’t have many odd-shaped cakes, so this was pretty cool. I hope you had wonderful celebrations!

Although a small thing, there were several unicorn cakes from these past weekends as well. Both were two tiers, and the first featured a first tier of a rainbow design. I also loved the purple/blue icing hair on this one. The other unicorn cake featured a broader hair design, with beautiful colors in the hair too, with the icing mixing to create blue/green and orange designs on it. On top of that, there were also unicorn cupcakes [these are the last ones, I promise!] that went with the first cake too! I thought these were so cute, with that one dot of icing as the hair. I hope you both had wonderful celebrations too!

Just in general, there were some other amazing cakes too. It’s sometimes pretty hard to put cakes in categories, especially when they are all so interesting in their own ways. I had said earlier that the red panda cupcakes also went with a red panda cake! This cake featured an adorable red panda on the top, with little bamboo stalks around the sides of it. Another cake had a basis on the opposite side of the world, with bigfoot lurking in a forest. I liked how the little message for the cake was written on an icing wooden board. One cake was also for a boy scout’s Eagle Scout celebration. I thought this cake was great as well, with the flag design being draped down the edge of the cake.

Another cake I liked was a detective-themed cake. I just loved the little footprints that went around the cake, and that pocket watch too! This other cake also had a much more simplistic look. It was two tiers, with light pink and light green, and many icing flowers. I just loved the color scheme of this cake. Probably the most unique [and that’s saying something] thing that I had saw this weekend was not actually a cake. I didn’t go on this run, my sister and mom did. They dropped off a wedding cake, which on its own was pretty cool. It was one of those naked cakes, with wonderful flowers and greens around it. But this was a Lego-themed wedding, with the cake topper being Lego people! The thing that they ended up showing me though was the place cards for the attendees, which were individualized for the person! I just thought this was so neat. I hope you all had amazing celebrations as well!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little look into cakeland for these past two weeks!

Creative Colorful Cakes

Hello, everybody! I am sorry that it has been so long since I have written my last post here, there has been a lot of stuff going on with school and such. I hope this one can make up for it, featuring a few different highlights since the last time posted! Not all the cakes can be mentioned, but I am back on track to make sure that most of them now can be, every week! I hope you enjoy them!

One group of cakes in particular stood out to me: Harry Potter cakes! There were actually a good number of them, but the following ones are my top 3. The first cake on this list (and by the way, they have no particular order, they were all pretty cool!) was a Ravenclaw cake. Now, actually two of these were Ravenclaw cakes, but they both were pretty unique! This first one though looked like a large open book, with a scarf of the Ravenclaw colors, and other assorted items from the book. I thought the jagged writing to match the book’s title font was neat on this one. The other Ravenclaw cake featured much more of the Ravenclaw’s colors [blue and yellow], a smaller cake overall with the Ravenclaw logo on it. I thought this one was such a sweet cake. The final Harry Potter cake in this list though was very interesting – in a good way! It was a unicorn cake, with the 1st tier being of the traditional Harry Potter colors [from Gryffindor] and the top tier a unicorn, wearing the Harry Potter glasses! This was just so adorable. I hope you enjoyed your cakes!

Speaking of those unicorn cakes, there was another one that was cool, and some other animal cakes! As for this unicorn cake, I thought it was different because, instead of just one tier, it was three! And I love how the flowers just sweep down the side of the cake. Another great animal-themed cake featured a wonderful horse. I love the sprinkles and the blue background on this one, I think it is pretty cute! One cake also showed off a panda, which is actually my sister Sophia’s favorite animal. I’m pretty sure she’d like this one! I love the bamboo that this panda has in its hands, I think that is an interesting detail! Another animal cake that I just loved was a peacock. For this, a peacock was molded out of fondant, and the feathers were along the cake, draping once again down the sides. I think this is so graceful, and I loved the color scheme! The final animal cake I’d like to mention shows some of my favorite kinds: those woodland creatures! I’m sorry, but I love these little guys, they are adorable! This cake in particular was a two-tier, with a tree-stump bottom, and several fondant woodlands guys and red mushrooms around. Well, I hope you enjoyed your cakes too!

Besides a woodland creature cake, there were also woodland creature cupcakes! One group of these cupcakes that I liked from the past weeks featured more of a flowery touch. The other cupcakes with this batch had simple greens and pinks, and the animals had a hairy texture created with the icing for them, having flowers along the sides of their heads! There were also several of these galaxy-themed cupcakes too. I think these color schemes are so interesting, and the fondant stars on top just make them a lot better! I hope you also had wonderful celebrations!

Throughout the past few weeks, there were also some great 1st birthday celebrations as well. One of these cakes was a Sesame Street cake, featuring the faces of Bert, Ernie, and the Count. One neat little detail I liked about this one was on the street sign, it said how old the kid was going to be! Another cake was Alice in Wonderland-themed. I thought this one was so pretty! I think I liked how this one had the small pocket watch at the bottom, and the 2nd tier with its diamond pattern. I have always loved this traditional pattern, and thought it was neat to see it used in a newer way. I hope you had wonderful 1st birthdays!

One interesting kind of cake I also saw were two based off of children’s books. The first was one of Spot the Dog, and this just struck out to me. I loved these classical colors on this cake. I know this is a small touch, but one thing I also liked was the outline of the dog, Spot. This reminded me greatly of those older cakes, or at least the ones I remember seeing in the now-defunct binders of cake photographs that customers could look through to see what kind they maybe wanted. They are actually still in the closet, the predecessor of today’s Pinterest! Back on point, another cake was of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I remember reading this book when I was younger, and I thought this cake was so adorable! And the little smasher cake too! I hope you both had wonderful celebrations!

Okay, there were a lot of amazing and interesting cakes that went out in the past weeks, and it is impossible to mention all of them! So, these are the top picks of the little odd ends, the ones that are just as important, but may not always have the perfect theme. Which, by the way, is perfect, and sometimes, these are my favorites! Anyways, one of these cakes was a gender reveal cake… for twins! I thought this little cake was so cute, with that teddy bear on top! And the play on the words helped add to this too: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, how we wonder what you are”. A cake I actually saw a few times throughout the past few weeks was these wonderful monster truck cakes! The one shown above is a prime example of this, and I have always loved this rocky texture [and the Oreos – I love Oreos!]. This next cake was a bit more of a comedic one, showing a grave [it’s not that creepy!] stone saying ‘RIP 20s’ for a 30th birthday celebration. I thought the design on this cake was neat, and the icing colors matched perfectly with the fondant. This next cake, well, it wasn’t exactly a cake – it was a cookie cake! I thought this was such a cool idea for a cake.

Continuing on with the little odd-end adventures, the next cake was of the PA Lottery! I thought this was a great cake, with the extra lottery tickets and PA Lottery logo on it. Another birthday cake was a small one of an electric guitar. I thought, besides the cool guitar on top, that the little music notes around the sides added a great amount to the cake. And the final cake to this odd-end collection was a simplistic one. I chose this one to represent the ones I saw of this, having that design, with a touch of difference, with the pink icing scheme. Well, I hope you all had great celebrations!

And you cannot forget about the wedding cakes! Looking back at the pictures, these two were the ones I thought were pretty interesting. The first was this four-tier, which, for one, it was a four-tier cake! I loved the flower design as it flowed down the side. The white accents brought on that sense of an old-fashioned cake, while the bold pinks helped make this cake so unique. The other wedding cake featured what I am describing as white accents as well, but much more prominently, around the bottom edge. I thought this was very elegant, and the pastel flowers helped this cake design greatly. Once again, I hope you had wonderful celebrations!

I was already planning a section for this, but before I start on it, there was another musical cake! This was a cake for the musical Disasters, which was a musical poking fun at 1970s disaster films. I thought this was a neat design, and although I have never seen this, it seems pretty interesting. As for musicals, my mom made a musical cake for our school’s musical production this year.  We did Shrek the Musical this year (I was in the stage crew), and it was a lot of hard work, but much more fun! On these cakes, it basically has the musical’s logo on it, and all of the people involved names around the edge. In the picture, I think mine was on the right. This cake was amazing, and I was thrilled that many liked it there. Thank you to my mom for doing this!!

Probably one of the best highlights of the past few weeks was this wonderful painting cake that we had done. This was a cake for the Icing Smiles program, in which cake businesses like ours make a cake for a kid who has a critical illness. This little girl, who turned 7, had an amazing painting party, and I loved the cake that went along with it! This cake, although you can’t see it in the pictures, featured rainbow layers, with paint on the top, and a piece running down the side of the cake. And this was all draped with beautiful pink hues on the sides. When the girl saw the cake, she gave a huge thumbs-up, so I am thrilled that you guys liked the cake! I am so happy that we are able to contribute to this amazing foundation and help make these kids’ special days just a bit brighter.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this wrap-up for the past few weeks, sorry it was a little long this time around! Have a wonderful rest of your week, and I hope that you’ll like the next post as well!

Colorful Cakes

Hello, everybody! These past few weekends have been filled with some amazing cakes, so I hope you enjoy them!

First of all, there were some awesome cupcakes from the past weekends, two in particular. The first were these little cow cupcakes. I mean, they are so adorable! I always think animal cupcakes are cute, featuring barnyard animals to the savannah creatures. The other cupcakes featured these small pink flowers with gray sprinkles. I thought the color scheme of these cupcakes was gorgeous, with the almost hot-pink flowers with the light pink icing. I hope you both had wonderful celebrations!

Speaking of those cute animals, there were quite a few in these past weekends. There were actually two cakes that were of elephants. The first featured pastel pink and light blue icing along the sides, and in the same tone, a little [baby – not that little!] elephant on top, with flowers around one of the ears. The other elephant cake was a small blue cake, with these small sprinkle beads around the side. On top, it was more of a nursery setting [as this was a baby shower cake!], with fluffy white clouds and fondant stars. Then, the little elephant was on top, holding a bright yellow star in its trunk. The next cake was a smasher, featuring these little foxes on top! There were also trees and other plants around the edges of this cute cake. Another animal cake was of a dog as well, with long floppy ears and a spot around one of the eyes. I hope you all had wonderful celebrations as well!

There were also some neat gaming cakes from these weekends as well. One, usually popular, was a Minecraft cake. Featuring the creeper face and TNT boxes of the game, this was a cool cake. One that was a bit out of the ordinary was a Pac-Man cake. I thought this was was pretty neat cake too, and I just thought the layout of this cake was pretty cool, featuring the game screen with the different ghosts, and the little Pac-Man guy as well. I hope you both had wonderful celebrations too!

And we come down to those odd-end cakes that make each of these posts pretty unique. From these past weekends, there were two in particular once again. The first were one of those number cakes, this time, for someone turning 12 years old. This one was a bit different than the others, though. Beside different icing flowers [which are always beautiful too!], there were also macaroons, strawberries, and butterflies! I just thought this was lovely. The other cake was certainly unique, and I actually cannot think of a cake like this before. It designed with five dates, like on a calendar. On each of the days, it was raining, or stormy, except on the person’s birthday, where there was a little cupcake in it instead! I thought this was pretty neat. I hope you had wonderful celebrations too! Well, I hope you enjoyed these cakes from our past few weekends!

Zoo of Cakes

Hello, everybody! These past two weekends have been filled with wonderful cakes. These cakes were all amazing. I hope you enjoy this insight from our past two weeks!

Many of these cakes were very colorful, using fondant to make some awesome creations. Two of these cakes in particular featured the Marvel superheroes. The first cake had an assortment of the different characters, split into quarters featuring overall five different superheroes: Spiderman, with his suit, Thor, with his hammer, Captain America, with his shield, Iron Man, with his mask, and, finally, the Incredible Hulk, with his fist. Another Marvel-themed cake was specifically to one of these characters: Captain America. It was a two-tier, with the first tier showing the colors of Captain America, and the second showing the Red Skull, his enemy. I hope you both had great celebrations!

Two cakes from these past two weeks were very simplistic, which I personally like. These two cakes showed off some colorful balloons, with colorful sprinkles around the edge. One of the cakes had red, green, and blue balloons, while the other stayed within one color theme, with the blues/indigos. These were both birthdays, so I hope you both had wonderful celebrations as well!

There were also some odd ends, as I like to call it at least, birthday cakes from these past two weekends as well. One cake was very innovative, at least in my sense. It was of a baseball field, and the viewers in the ballpark were made up of sprinkles in the bleachers! Another cake was a two-tier, featuring a Minecraft theme. The second was a TNT box on the top, with a number 7 for the birthday, and a pickaxe on top on the cake. And there was a creeper on the side of the cake as well! Another cake was Toy Story-themed. This was a two-tier as well. The first tier was designed to look like Buzz, and the other Woody, with them both standing off to each side. I hope you all had amazing celebrations too!

And finally, we have arrived at the namesake of this blog post. There were several awesome cakes from these past weekends that featured animals in particular. One of which, was a unicorn pig cake, with blue, pink, and yellow icing drops for the hair. Another cake actually had some cupcakes that went along with it. This was in the shape/design of the unicorn cake, but featured a highland cow, which is very adorable. I think I liked the cupcakes a bit more though, the little tufts of hair were so cute! The last two cakes were actually both 2nd birthday cakes. The first featured a leopard design, with some awesome greenery around the sides. The other was this adorable two-tier, showing off the silhouette of giraffes and other savannah animals. I hope you all had wonderful celebrations as well!

Overall, there were some great cakes that popped up during the past two weeks. I hope you enjoyed them!

Holidays Round Up

Hello, everyone! First of all, Happy New Year! I hope that 2022 is an amazing year for everybody! Just due to the busyness of the season, and other schoolwork, these posts became a bit delayed for this month. I am looking forward to writing more for this year though! Anyways, we had some amazing holiday-themed cakes that definitely needed a shout-out before this year really sets in. Enjoy!

There were a handful of great cupcakes that really showed the holiday spirit this year. One of which were these chocolatey mini cupcakes. I thought these were just awesome, and the small grey sprinkles just added a great touch to this dessert! The next set of cupcakes were probably more traditional, in the sense of Christmas cupcakes. These featured Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, and candy canes. I think the candy canes were my favorite out of the three. We also got these absolutely adorable gingerbread men, and they were used in several of the holiday cakes this month, including the next set of cupcakes. I mean, they just fit perfectly onto the cupcakes, and the red and green sprinkles helped to create this wonderful piece as well. I think the last ones were my favorites from the month, though. They are little grinch cupcakes! I think the different tips [which makes the different thickness of the icing] was really good for this particular cupcake, creating the grinch’s face, and then the Santa hat on top! I hope you enjoyed these little cupcakes!

As I mentioned a bit in the last paragraph, those little gingerbread men were used in a few different things during the season. Mostly, though, they were really for a cookie decorating session for the Centre Hall-Potter Elementary School, where each kid got sprinkles, and yes, a little gingerbread guy, to decorate a Christmas tree cookie! I thought this was pretty neat, and I think that they had fun. The gingerbread men were also used in a few different cakes throughout the holidays. And actually, these cakes were pretty similar. Small, round cakes with a large wreath and wonderful Christmas-themed sprinkles. I hope you enjoyed the cakes!

There were some really neat odd-end cakes as well. One was a gender reveal cake, with the Christmas colors and theme. It was of a present, and said “He or she, open to see.” This was pretty cool as well. There was also a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer cake, fashioned like those unicorn cakes, which was fun! Another cake that fits into theme of this paragraph is an actual ugly sweater cake. I thought this was so creative! I like the Santa popping out of the chimney. I hope you guys also enjoyed these cakes!

Well, I hope you enjoyed these peaks into our holiday cakes from this past season. And I hope to write more post with the beginning of this year! This Christmas season is probably my favorite time of the year, and these different and unique cakes make it better every year.

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

Hello, everyone! I am sorry a blog post has not happened for the past few weeks; it has been busy here and at school. But this is now a great chance to have a great wrap-up of this month’s greatest cakes. I hope you enjoy these snapshots from these past weeks!

For one, November 6th was my dad’s birthday. And, jokingly, he said that he wanted a large cake pop for his birthday. And somehow, my mom was able to make these enormous cake pop! I actually thought this was pretty good, and Elliot just loved the candles on it. Happy very late birthday!

Looking back at these past weeks as well, there were some really neat cupcakes. Two in particular were my favorites. The first were these owl cupcakes, which I thought were so cute! I think those large googley-like eyes were the best part. The other set was of Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, and these were pretty cute too! I think a great touch for these was that Cookie Monster had an actual cookie in his mouth!

I really don’t know what to call this category, but these cakes all feature a different color scheme, whether yellow or purple. The first in this “unnamed” category was this simple, but amazing green birthday cake. It wasn’t completely green, but it showed off some icing greens that looked awesome. Another cake, which I believe to be wedding cake, featured some light blue. I really liked the look of this one, I think it looked more classical, with the x-like texture on the top two tiers and the dots of icing to go along with it. The final cake in this colorful collection is very bright compared to the previous cake. This pink cake is, well, very bright, featured large white and hot pink stripes, and pink and white flowers. I just thought this was so unique. I hope you all had some great celebrations!

One trendy cake was made twice [that I know of] in this past month: the unicorn cake! The first of this trend was a two-tier, with flowing, icing-flower hair. I particularly liked the color scheme of this one, with colors such as dark pink, purple, and golden yellow. The other was a bit larger, also a two-tier. But this one, in my opinion, fits this trend better. This was completely rainbow-themed, and it seems pretty neat! I hope you both had great celebrations!

There were also some great birthday cakes from this past month that I’d like to mention, two of which involve the water. The first was a fishing cake. I thought this one was pretty neat, with the little fish being hooked into the boat on the top of the cake. The other “water” type of cake was a sea cake for new baby! This one was so adorable, but I think my favorite part about it was the purple octopus on top. Another little cake had the same colors as these cakes did, but it was little farm animals in a truck. I’m not sure what this is called, but it is from a book. This one was neat as well. I hope you had great celebrations as well!

And to wrap everything up, I think there were two perfect cakes for this occasion. For one, there was this adorable Thanksgiving cake [and a birthday cake that went along with it]! I loved the designs on both of these guys. And, as always, Christmas is coming soon after, and why not start it off with a Rudolph cake? Well, I hope you all enjoyed this recap of our adventures in cakeland this November, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Final Days of Halloween

Hello, everyone! Once again, there was some great cakes that were created this weekend that I would love to talk about! I hope you enjoy them!

Now, most of the cakes this weekend were Halloween, but I want to make sure we mention the other ones first! And don’t worry, there will more focuses next week, and I am hoping that we will start on some of the Christmas themes soon! The music is already playing here. Anyways, there was two beautiful wedding cakes that were done this weekend. Both featured some colorful flowers. The first was a naked cake with many bright flowers, and the other showed off an autumn look. I don’t know which one I like better, I think they are both great! I hope you had wonderful celebrations!

There was also two different occasion cakes that I particularly liked. One of which was this tractor cake. I thought this one was simplistic, and I loved the icing flower accents on the edges. Another cake was one of a cheese plate [as I am told it is called]. I just thought the details on this cake were so intricate, and it looked old-fashioned. I hope you both had wonderful celebrations as well!

And now we have reached the amazing Halloween cakes. This theme, along with autumn ones as well, have been going out all month, and these were some great ones to sum this season up. The autumn ones may stick around for a bit longer, though! To start, there were some awesome cupcakes. The first was very festive, featuring bright colors of green and purple, mummies, and some jack-o’-lanterns. The other ones, though, were very witchy, with items such as broomsticks and witch’s hats. There was also this baby shower cake that was very spooky. This one featured a wolf howling, and a creepy design that resembled the old fence gates. And to sum it up, there was some birthday cakes that were adorable as well. The one was, well, a 1st birthday cake, saying “Spooky One”. I loved the color scheme of this one, and the little bats & ghosts! Speaking of these ghosts, I loved the little arms they had, looking as if they were ‘haunting’, and this was on the 2nd birthday cake as well! I loved the fence and tree on this orange-themed cake on top of the cute ghosts. So, other than that, those were the wonderful cakes we had on this Halloween weekend. I hope you enjoyed these adventures in cakeland!

Little Crumbs

Hello, everyone! This week, there was actually not that many cakes [thus the title]. In response, here is a quick top five cake list from this weekend, enjoy!

#5: Bluey Cake – This cake was filled with color, quite literally. One thing that I will do to help is print these little guys on the cake out, which I think is kind of neat. Anyways, this birthday cake featured a large rainbow on top along with this show’s characters. I hope you had a great birthday!

#4: Pumpkin Cupcakes – Although not much, these cupcakes were just so cute! There’s really not too much to say, these -pumpkin-spice cupcakes featured a little pumpkin on top. I hope you also had a good celebration!

#3: Fall Flowers – I just love these cakes. I think they are probably the most common, but they are very pretty, and peaceful. The color scheme on this definitely fit the season, and the icing pumpkins were a perfect touch. I hope you had a nice celebration!

#2: Spooky Halloween Birthday – This cake is what I think of when someone mentions Halloween: The dark purples, yellow moon, creepy castle, and the bat. And I loved how it was a silhouette as well! I hope once again you had a wonderful birthday!

#1: Antique Wedding – I think this cake was very elegant: the old topper, and cake design. I would of mentioned this cake in general, but my mom told me that this was actually their grandparent’s wedding cake topper. I have heard of this in the past, and I think these cakes are always so pretty. And with that, these quick pieces of this weekend add up, in the long run, to some amazing adventures in cakeland.

Halloween Surprises

Hello, everyone! This weekend, there wasn’t too many cakes. But, as always, there were some that were just simply amazing. I hope you enjoy these picks from the past week!

Halloween is just around the corner, so there was obviously some autumn and Halloween-themed cakes that came out this past week! Pumpkins were involved in two desserts this weekend. The first were these wonderful cupcakes, that were little jack-o-lanterns! This particular set of cupcakes also included mummies, and spider webs. Another great cake was this very simplistic round cake. Just one tier featuring these fondant apples my mom had made was so simplistic. I just thought these little guys were so cute, and I think the lighting and background of this picture helped show off this cake. Another great Halloween cake showed off some bold Halloween colors. Creating a nice silhouette of a witch on top, this cake really brings out some spirit of Halloween. I think my favorite Halloween cake though [And yes, there were a lot this weekend!], was this chocolate spider web one. I have no clue how this would of been made, but I think this is a great spin on the trending drip cakes, featuring not just the chocolate drip, but this amazing white & brown spider web on top. And not to even mention the adorable icing guys! I hope you all had some great celebrations with these spooky cakes!

There was also a number of some great animal occasions this weekend as well. There was a set of barnyard animal cupcakes that just seemed so cute. I think the little cows were my favorite. There was also a birthday cake that featured a cardinal this weekend. I love birds, and I thought this guy was amazing! I also loved the number of flowers on the cake as well, I think they added a great number of detail to the cake as well. I hope you both had wonderful celebrations!

Some wonderful wedding cakes were done as well. From my mom and sister’s trip this weekend, there was two in particular that I liked. The first had a very unique wedding cake topper: little dogs! I thought this was kind of neat, and the purple icing flowers on this three-tier cake just helped bring this cake together. Another one from their trip was pretty neat as well. This rustic style is very popular, and these crates of cupcakes are a fine example of that. I hope you both had wonderful wedding celebrations!

And, on a very happy note, it was also Sophia’s birthday this weekend [actually Tuesday]! Her favorite cake is actually ice cream cake, so we ended up buying one, which we loved. And, she added her own details in decorating to the cake. I hope you had a great birthday, we love you! And with that, we ended an amazing adventure in cakeland this weekend.