Contact Us

We do not offer “office hours” nor do we have a showroom floor, thus, it is not a good idea to drop by unannounced. 🙂

Best way to contact us is via Facebook Messenger

Or Email:  [email protected]

We consider our home phone your last resort and ask that you respect that this is our home, and we have children that are in bed early.  That said, you may call between 8am and 8pm 814-364-2995 and leave a message if you don’t get a real live Luse.


A messenger message, email message or phone message does not serve as confirmation. Confirmation comes from Heather Luse directly via an email reply or by phone. We cannot be held liable for lost or misdirected email inquiries. If you have emailed an inquiry and haven’t heard back in a reasonable length of time, please feel free to call to confirm. Thank you.