Teachers Love Cupcakes and We Love Teachers!

Hello, everyone! This past week, several amazing cakes were done. There weren’t too many but sometimes the smaller ones need to get their chance to shine. This week in particular is a special week for us: teacher appreciation week! Let’s get right into it! 

You probably know by now that I like these large number cakes, shaped, usually, like the age of someone for their birthday. And this weekend, there was one of these cakes once again! This time, it was a lovely 90th birthday cake. What really stood out (besides the shape) for this cake was the flowers. I thought these contrasted greatly with the white cake surface, so deep in color. I thought these looked so pretty, and just added to a great cake in general. I hope you had a great birthday!

    These next two cakes had the same, beautiful theme: mermaids. These were both amazing birthday cakes. The first was a 7th birthday cake, with just simply a beautiful color palette of blue and purple. The second cake had this palette as well, but this one was unique: it was tall! When cakes are done, they can be pretty tall, but usually with tiers. This cake was just one tier, but pretty tall. I thought these mermaid cakes were delightful, and full of beautiful colors that were worth mentioning. I hope you all had great birthdays!

Finally, as I mention at the beginning of this post, this week is pretty special (and also the reason this blog is a bit late): teacher appreciation week! Usually, we (as in our family, along with a few others) send in some baked goods and such for our teachers and others during this special week in May. And this year, it’s no different! Somehow, we ended up making cupcakes for all the teachers and staff of our school district. I’m not trying to imply it’s a bad thing or something, I actually think it is very nice and kind of fun. The teachers and staff do so much for us, and sometimes it’s nice, for anyone, to know that they are truly appreciated. If any teachers are reading this (especially the ones that I have had), you do a lot for us as students, and as people as well, and I thank you so much for it! You have got me to where I am today, and probably to what I will do in the future! (I also hope you liked the cupcakes!)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little insight, from teachers to cakes. There will always be more to come with these small adventures in cakeland!

Coffee Cake, Anyone?

    Hello, everyone! This week, many different cakes were shown. Particularly, though, there were many birthday cakes. For this week’s selection, here are my personal top three, and, a small adventure related, in a way, to one of these amazing cakes. 

    For this week, one small cake that I liked was a 16th birthday cake. Usually, a lot of the 16th birthday cakes that I see are for sweet 16s and such. But this one was a bit different. This cake was driving-themed, with a simple road sign, and a streetlight. I thought this was a pretty cool cake, and simple as well. I hope you had a good birthday!

    Usually once or twice a month, these large birthday cakes are done, which still amaze me everytime. This time, it was an 80th birthday cake. The best part about these cakes though, are that they are shaped like numbers. This cake was beautiful, with blue and yellow flowers, and green banners. I thought this cake was peaceful and pretty good for these different and unique cakes. Another thing that was great about this celebration, was that it was for two.

Another cake was done for the man’s daughter, who was turning 50. This cake was a bit simpler, with purple and chocolate icing, but still beautiful. Well, I hope you both had an amazing birthday celebration!

    The final cake is one that I really liked [and my mom pointed out to me several times due to this] was a Starbucks cake. Usually, on the occasions that I go on deliveries with my mom, we usually end up going to Starbucks, which I love. I usually just get a Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, and this cake was pretty neat for me. It had the Starbucks color scheme, and then a Starbucks drink on the top, 3D. Overall, I thought it was pretty cool, and it was a birthday cake as well, so, I hope you had an amazing birthday!

    Well, I hope you enjoyed this little insight from this week, of our small adventures in cakeland. 

Hooked on the Cute Cakes

    Hello, everyone! This week, several birthday cakes were done, as usual. They are always great, but I noticed this weekend that we had done a few great birthday cakes: your 1st and 2nd birthdays. The ones you never remember, but there are many pictures of. Anyway, here’s a few of our small birthdays that were celebrated this week. 

    This first cake was what one would call adorable. It was this little (or large, depending on how you look at it) cake was a ladybug! This little ladybug was honestly simple, but had cute eyes, and little tufts of grass around her.

And, there were tiny cupcakes that went along with it as well, matching this cake! I thought this cake was so nice, and, going along with this week’s theme, was for a little girl’s first birthday. I hope you had an amazing birthday celebration!

    Next, we had a cute second birthday cake. It was a simple cake, with pink dots, and a Minnie Mouse silhouette. But sometimes, the simplest cakes are some of the best. This little cake was for a 2nd birthday instead of a first. I just thought this cake was, again, nice and simple. I hope you had a great 2nd birthday celebration as well!

    And we have finally come down to the final cake on this list. This small little cake was probably my personal favorite (but all cakes are great). This cake was small indeed, but it had much detail. This was a little fishing cake for a 1st birthday. The cake had adorable fish and a fishline around the sides, and this awesome little sign on top, saying “O-fish-ally One!”. I just thought this one was so cute.  [“Before” above, adorable “After” below. 🙂 Used with permission.]

    Well, I think these cakes are ones that are definitely picture-perfect for these memories. I hope you enjoyed this small (and little) entry with our adventures in cakeland!

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!

    Hello, everyone! This past week, there were some amazing cakes that are definitely worth mentioning. A bit of a short introduction, but still! Enjoy the cakes!

    Earlier this week, my mom had done not just one, but two wonderful woodland birthday cakes. These two girls turned 2 and 3, and had an amazing little theme. I always thought these woodland cakes were adorable, and these two were no exception. They both had these pink little flowers and green leaves, and each had an animal. One was a baby deer, the other a fox. Out of all the different cakes I have seen, these kinds are sometimes, if not all the time, some of the cutest.

    Speaking of ‘cake twinning’, these two cakes were an accidental twin. There have been many different cake phases, which could include the naked cake and such. One of the types that has grown well with kids’ cakes is the unicorn cake. And this weekend, we had two, designed almost the same exact way. When I first saw them, I actually thought my mom had just taken two pictures of the same cake! Either way, these cakes were both pretty cool, and whoever received them, I hope you liked them!

    And guess what? There’s another twin! I had a few cakes I had picked out to write about this week, and as I looked through the pictures again as I am writing this, there have been several paired cakes! This ‘twin’ was not a coincidence, and was very sweet. These two cakes are lovely nursery-like cakes. One was for a little girl’s first birthday, with a little moon and teddy bear. The other, was a baby shower cake, for a new little boy being welcomed into their family. I thought these two were just so nice, and simple. I hope your celebration was wonderful!

    Well, I hoped you liked this entry of cakes. I didn’t even realize that there were so many similar cakes this week! These are great adventures in cakeland that are sure to go down in the books. 

Upside Down Tiers? Yup!

    Hello, everyone! I am sorry I am a bit behind on writing these posts, but I am going to keep up with it now! This weekend, a very unique cake went out, along with some others too. 

    First, a few of the smaller, but beautiful, ones. One cake that I saw was very simple, literally black and white. But what I liked about this one was the wonderful little music notes that went across it. This was a very simple, but beautiful cake, and I thought this touch was pretty neat. Another cake that I saw was one that was very intricate, and detailed. I am not really a fan of skulls and such, but this cake was pretty cool. I believe it was fashioned like a Day of the Dead skeleton, with all the interesting details swirls. Overall, this was a pretty neat cake. I hope you both had great birthdays!

    Now, this unique one I mentioned earlier. And when I mean unique, I mean unique. This cake, a wedding cake, was a three-tier upside-down cake, hanging too. This cake looked amazing, and also looked like something defying gravity. We got the stand about a week before the wedding, and my parents seriously spent an hour trying to put the thing together. I think it was worth it, because the finished product looked amazing. It was on (or hanging from, actually) this beautiful gold stand, with wonderful flowers around it. I hope you enjoyed it!

    Well, I hope you enjoyed this small entry, and more (longer) adventures in cakeland will be coming soon!

Busy Baker – Cute Cakes!

Hello, everyone! From the time of writing, we have less than 2 weeks of this year’s winter, and although I love the winter, I am ready for spring. This week, there were a lot of birthday treats (I counted a substantial 11 birthdays, but there may have been more!), so today I wanted to show off a few of my favorites. 

    This weekend, my mom had made this beautiful birthday cake for a person turning the age of 21. The cake was actually shaped with the numbers ‘21’ on it. This delight also had some beautiful flowers and different berries, which always seemed to spruce up any cake. I hope you had an amazing 21st birthday!

Another cake which I noticed was a 75th birthday cake. It had elegant flowers around a type of black border (which I loved!), and a simple border around the cake itself. I thought this cake was so simple, and perfect. I hope you had a great 75th birthday!

Finally, the best type of birthday that anyone can have: a 100th birthday! Although there wasn’t an actual cake for this party, just simple, pretty cupcakes, it was the thought of this one that counted for me. 200 cupcakes were ordered, individually wrapped, and everyone who attended a celebration for the special person received a cupcake. I just thought that was so sweet, and again, I hope you had an amazing birthday!

    Well, although I only featured three cakes, there are always more that I had liked too, such as a wonderful horse cake for 27th birthdays, or a mermaid cake. But, in all, these small birthdays like these add up to our great adventures in cakeland. 

Dog, Butterflies and Frogs, Oh My!

    Hello, everyone! I am sorry a post has not been done for the past few weeks, I have just been a bit busy with school. Anyways, this week, a few interesting stories have occurred, and several amazing cakes (to my opinion) were done.

    One cute little cake I had seen this weekend was one of a golden retriever, with the words “Happy Birthday Pap” written. I had seen this cake and thought it was so nice, and adorable at the same time. I hope you had a great birthday! 

    I also loved this one 60th birthday cake that had a vintage truck on top. My dad always talks about how much he loves those and he especially liked this cake, and I did too!

    Finally, today, Sunday the 28th, my mom had made two beautiful nature cakes. I love these types of cakes, I think they are very pretty, and I think the outdoors is so peaceful. The first cake was a lovely two-tier cake, covered with wonderful butterflies and light violet flowers. My mom told me that the cake was for a mother, and the two daughters had both wanted a butterfly cake for her birthday. Now isn’t that sweet? Another wonderful nature cake that was done was of a little pond of frogs, which in the way it was presented was so nice. Last summer, we had hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of tadpoles growing into little frogs, and we had watched them intently. This was also an amazing birthday cake, so I hope you both had lovely birthdays!

    There were a lot of cakes this weekend, that were filled with heartfelt surprises, which are sometimes the best to make some adventures in cakeland. 

Got Reese’s? :) We do!

Hello everyone! We are now into our second month in this new year, which came with a simple line of cakes for this weekend. This weekend, there weren’t that many cakes, but there is still some to show for my blog. One thing I noticed while I was getting some ideas for this blog was that there were two pictures of the same cake. I asked my mom, and she said that those two were actually for two completely unrelated orders. This type of cake is one that I see a lot.

This cake has peanut butter cups, chocolate cake & icing, with even some more chocolate drizzled on top. It’s the chocolate overhaul cake, and it’s not astonishing that this cake is made at least once every other week, though it is usually more. And personally, I think this cake is pretty cool too. I think my favorite part is the peanut-butter cups! Well, besides that, there was not too much else that happened over this weekend, or at least that my eye had seen.

I hope you enjoyed this sweet little adventure in cakeland!

Poppin’ Cakes, Yo

    Hello, everyone! I saw two cakes in this past week that I had thought were pretty cool, so I am pretty much going to jump right in. Just as a note, it was pretty hard to choose for this week, there were so many nice and neat cakes, these were just ones that had “popped” out to me this week.

Anyways, the first cake was done on Thursday, of a John Deere. The cake itself for me seemed pretty detailed, and more than usual. I thought that was pretty interesting, how clean-cut it was. Best of all, it was for a man, by the name of Jim’s, retirement. I hope you have a good retirement!

Next, was a little girl’s birthday cake, named Whitney. She was turning 8, and as my mom was making it, I noticed a picture on her phone. The little girl had drawn a picture of what she wanted on her cake, details and everything.

I just thought this was plain adorable. This just made me think of when I would make fake cakes for the art show in elementary, and I would plan out mine as well. I thought the cake as well had turned out great as well, with the black silhouettes of the gymnasts. Well, although this blog was short, it was sweet to the point. I hope you enjoyed these simple adventures in cakeland!

Sweet Memories

      Hello, everyone! This weekend was filled with some pretty neat cakes, but not just ones that I liked, but my parents liked as well.

The first cake was a game board for a game called Parcheesi. I thought the cake was so detailed and colorful, but some of the best parts of cakes are their backstories. As for this one, my mom, when she was younger, would play this game with her family. 

This game would be played in a cabin her Gram and Pap had in the Poconos,  every weekend. I thought this was so sweet, and this cake was for a woman’s 94th birthday. She plays this game with her daughter when she comes over to visit. I wish I knew more about this game to say more, but I hope you had an amazing birthday!

Next, this cake was focused more on my Dad’s taste: The Dukes of Hazzard. I have mentioned this before, but my dad loves the Dukes of Hazzard, and he “learned how to drive from that show”, apparently. The cake was  actually for  a friend of his son’s 13th birthday. I thought the cake was pretty neat, with the car in the middle. I hope you had a great birthday! These cakes touched my parents well, and these adventures in cakeland are, once more, to remember.