That Time She Found a Little Pooh on Her Cake

    Hello, everyone! At the time of me writing this post, my little brother’s birthday (which I had hinted at last week) has not occurred, so I will actually be writing about that next week. I hope that is okay, and although that has not happened yet, there are a few cakes this weekend that I thought were pretty cool, so enjoy!

    The first cake that I noticed while looking through the pictures from this past week was an adorable little Winnie the Pooh cake! I have not seen a cake featuring Winnie the Pooh in quite a bit (although I have written about them before). On this cake, there was a drawing of Winnie the Pooh on the side, eating honey (or, “hunny”),  and other little trees, butterflies, and bees being featured along the cake. Speaking of which, we recently got Disney+, so Elliot has ended up watching a Winnie the Pooh series for the past two weeks that was on Disney Channel when I was little. So if Elliot had the chance to see this cake, he would probably love it (but he probably would have destroyed it first!). This cake was a baby shower cake, so I hope you had a wonderful celebration!

    Another thing I noticed this weekend was an abundance of animal-themed cupcakes! One set of cupcakes had chickens and penguins, which were for a birthday. One thing I liked about these was that the penguins were designed so the white-shade of the face was in the shape of a heart! As well, there were some more zoo-themed animal cupcakes as well. These cupcakes were made out of icing (unlike the others, which were of fondant), featuring lions, zebras, and giraffes. These were both for birthdays, so I hope you both had a great birthday celebration!

    Finally, another cool animal cake was done this weekend: of a peacock! As of the time of my writing, my mom is actually still working on this cake, but I can already tell that it is going to be great! The cake itself is just one-tier tall, but it is made up of an array of cupcakes as well! The peacock, made out of fondant and rice-krispie treats, sits on the top of the cake, and the long feathers flow towards the bottom of the cake. Then, the cupcakes lay on the bottom of the display, where each has a fondant feather on it! Overall, it was a pretty neat cake, and very unique as well. This was a cake that someone ordered for their own birthday, as well as “the end from working at home”! So, congrats, that is pretty cool!    There were a lot of cool cakes (and cupcakes) that went out this weekend, it was pretty hard to choose a few to feature in this week’s blog. And, for sure, next week, we will have someone’s birthday to discuss! I hope you enjoyed these small and great adventures in cakeland!

Winged Wonders

Hello, everyone! This weekend, we did a good number of cakes, but one type that I had noticed was one with animals. Usually, little animal-themed cakes are made each weekend, but I personally liked these three that were done this weekend.

    The first animal-themed cake done this weekend was a birthday cake. This was for a little 2-year-old, and I thought this cake was adorable. It had a cartoon-like bird on one side, a little baby bird with the same color in a nest. I just thought this cake was pretty cool, since I enjoy birds (and taking pictures of them). I hope you had a great birthday celebration!

    The second animal-themed cake is now featured as a flamingo cake. This cake was fairly simple, but it fit greatly with the small theme for this weekend. I personally liked how the feathers were done for the flamingos. This cake was also a birthday cake, so I hope you also had an amazing birthday!

    Lastly, my favorite cake (not being mean or anything, this was the one that caught my eye for this week’s blog) was this hive-shaped bee cake. I thought this one was pretty cool, as it was actually shaped to be a bee hive. This cake, a smasher for a 1st birthday, also included some pretty neat cupcakes with it as well. Although I personally am not a huge fan of bees (they are good for the environment though!)I think cake bees are great. I hope you had a great birthday celebration as well!

    I know this blog was a bit smaller this week, but don’t fret, next week, we have a birthday coming up, so expect a bit of a longer entry! I hope you enjoyed these small adventures in cakeland!

Sprinkles are for Winners! ;)

    Hello, everyone! First and foremost, Happy Fourth of July (or Independence Day, whatever you may call it). This weekend, we (as in my brothers and dad) were able to go on a bit of an adventure besides delivering, and, as always, there was a great amount of beautiful cakes.

    First, as always, the cakes. As I was looking through the cakes this weekend, I only think that there was one 4th of July-themed cake. It was fairly simple, with red writing, and lots of colorful sprinkles. But, it fit this holiday perfectly. This cake in particular was a birthday cake, so happy birthday!

    There were also a number of cakes that were worth mentioning from this weekend. One cake that I thought was particularly funny was a birthday cake. This cake was pointing at the fact that this woman was turning 30, and so the writing said “Happy death to Ang’s 20s.” This more or less reminded me of a Friends episode where they made fun of each other turning 30, so I just thought this was a cool cake. I hope you enjoyed the cake!

Another cake that I thought was neat was a birthday cake for a kid. This cake was a 2-tier, showing little monster trucks and Oreos as dirt. But, the one thing I liked in the creation of this cake was the waterfall. As my mom was creating the cake, she had to carve the waterfall out, instead of just putting it on the outside with icing. Overall, these two cakes were pretty neat. I hope you had a great birthday!

    As for this weekend, my dad and brothers (who are usually the people I go delivering with) had to deliver only one cake to Fern Hill (which we usually refer to as McCann, as the name I believe was just changed). I liked this cake a lot, for it was pretty and simple with its light red and pink roses on top.

Afterwards, we actually went on a bit of a real adventure to Shaver’s Creek, which is near Fern Hill. I think we were near the boating dock, but there was a ton of birds there, and I was able to take a good amount of pictures of them, like Cedar Waxwings and Eastern Phoebes (the photos are not of the greatest quality though, I didn’t have the right lens with me that day). Overall, it was pretty neat going on an interesting and unique adventure in cakeland for a change this weekend. 

Nature’s Most Perfect Cakes

Hello, everyone! As I was looking at the cakes for this weekend, I realized that a lot of them featured nature pieces, like flowers, or even scenes. Many of the cakes that we do include these items, so I thought it would be nice to feature these beautiful cakes this weekend.

    Most of the time, these “nature” cakes include items like flowers, or greens. Recently, it seems that more rustic cakes are more popular. Almost all wedding cakes seem to have flowers of sorts. Out of the few that we had this weekend, I particularly liked two. This first cake was simply a two-tier cake, but the colors on it were amazing. It had several light-pink roses, dark greens, and small gold flakes. I just thought this cake was very cute, and perfect for a wedding.

The other cake was a bit more simple, with gold sprinkles along the edges, and lots of greens around the cake. But I think the best part about this cake was the cute bird couple on top! I just thought this was absolutely adorable, and I love (when it is not too hot out, of course) to take pictures of these little guys when I get the chance. I hope you all had wonderful wedding celebrations!

    As well, this weekend, there were some nature cupcakes, featuring cute bees! I was kind of happy that I made them, even though I am scared to death of all bees (just ask my parents). But, these little ones were awesome. I hope you enjoyed your celebration!

Finally, the last cake on this list is a retirement cake. This cake had two white chairs looking out at a beautiful beach scene, a sunset. I personally thought this was just a pretty cake, and a great way to end these smaller adventures in cakeland for this weekend. 

Chicken, for Dessert?!?

Hello, everyone! I am sorry a blog was not done last weekend, I was working on finishing up a few last things for school and did not get a chance to write one. But, with these two weeks combined, a lot of fun and interesting cakes were completed. So, I hope you enjoy this longer blog post for this week!

    Let’s start off with last week’s cakes, because you do not want to forget about those! Two cakes that were also done, for different people, were flamingo cakes! I thought they were pretty cool, and it caught my attention since they were both birthday cakes: one for an 80th, and another for an 8th.

I hope you had great celebrations! One other cake I really liked was what I believed to be a wedding cake. It was pretty simple, with some beautiful red and pink roses, but this cake was not just icing.

My mom piped icing but it  looked like  small strips of fondant wrapped around the cake.  The icing had such a cool effect. I thought this was so intricate, pretty and it shows amazing things you can do with icing. I hope you had a great celebration!

The last cake I would like to mention from this week was this amazingly decorated wedding cake that my sister and mom had delivered. This cake was filled with a stream of light purple flowers and greens, and on the top, there was a teacup (which I saw other images of as well and so unique!)  I thought this cake was simply beautiful. I hope you had a great wedding celebration!

    That was only last weekend. This weekend, there was a ton more. First, the fun ones. Okay, probably the funniest one this weekend, was the chicken. An actual, almost life-size chicken.

I thought it was hysterical, and also pretty cute.  It was for a 13th birthday celebration. So, I hope you had a great birthday!

Another birthday cake was also done: a Criminal Minds cake. I thought this cake was pretty cool, with the logo, hand prints, and the known crime scene tape. I hope you also had a great birthday!

    Out of the wedding cakes that were also done this weekend, I had one that I really liked with its flower display. This cake that was also delivered by Sophia and my mom, delivered to the beautiful Greenland’s Lodge,  was filled with a stream of  beautiful purple flowers. One thing that was also nice about this cake was that the flowers kind of came out of the cake, and spread onto the table with several greens. These types of displays are ones that I absolutely adore.

As well, another cake which was not a wedding cake (a bridal shower cake), but it sure did look like one. It was a beautiful cake, already decorated with pale roses and other sparse greens. But its main point? The feather. An actual (fake, but still!) feather, which ran in with the other greens. I sometimes see cakes that have feathers decorated on it, or around the edges, but I do not remember a cake like this. It was very unique, and beautiful! I hope you both had great celebrations!

    Finally, another important cake was made this weekend. This was our first cake with Icing Smiles, a nonprofit organization which gives cakes which were donated from bakers to children who are impacted with terminal illnesses. This cake that we did was an amazing cake for a girl named Skye. This cake was mainly a Fortnite cake, featuring several of its characters. But, it also featured two of her real-life birds, Cookie and Coco. According to her family, Skye has gone through 2 open heart surgeries, and “pulls our family together and keeps us close.” I thought this was an amazing thing that we were able to do for this girl. I wish you good luck on further surgeries (if they are needed) and the best of health. I hope you had a great 14th birthday celebration!

    Overall, these past few weeks were filled to the brim with cakes, cupcakes, and more. I hope you all enjoyed them, and they all lead to many great adventures in cakeland. 

Marbled Wonder & More!

    Hello, everyone! This weekend, a lot of cakes (and cupcakes) were done. This weekend in particular, though, had a bunch of wedding cakes. So, for this week’s post, I will be featuring some of our amazing wedding cakes! Sorry as well that this blog post is a little late. Enjoy!

    This weekend, I ended up going on a delivery run with my brothers and dad for 3 wedding cakes.

One cake that I absolutely loved from this run was this small, marble cake. There were many cupcakes that went along with this cake (including Oreo ones!) and there was a small 2-tier. Most weddings that have this are just simple white cakes, with flowers and such (which are still beautiful!), but this one was a bit different. This wedding cake was covered in blue marble fondant, light blue. I just thought this one was a nice pop of color. I hope you enjoyed the cake and cupcakes!

    Another cake from this run was pretty simple, with just some white swirls. There were some yummy cupcakes too, but this wedding cake was unique, having a wonderful display. Occasionally, when we do wedding cakes, there are some pretty amazing stands that are given to us (or are already there) to put cakes or cupcakes on. This wedding was one example of that. These cupcake stands were pretty cool, made purely out of wood, and tall, too. There was also this metal stand, and some little succulents. I hope you had a great wedding, and that you enjoyed the cake and cupcakes!

    On that run, with my dad and brothers, we also did another, more peaceful cake. This cake was the biggest of them all, a 3-tier actually. This cake had large, beautiful flowers. I really liked their colors on this one, magenta and pink. This was our final cake on this run, and I thought it was a good one to end the day on.

    Well, there were many other cakes done this weekend, but sometimes, certain types, like wedding cakes, need a chance to shine. And I don’t really think they have for a while due to all the different COVID restrictions. I hope you enjoyed this adventure in cakeland!

Happy Little Cakes

Hello, everyone! This week, there were some beautiful cakes that were all about the arts (but all cakes are pieces of art!). So, I hope you enjoy these few selections from this week!

    This cake was truly of an artist: Bob Ross. I mostly know who he is through the different jokes they make nowadays, but the paintings he has done on PBS are pretty cool. Earlier this week, my mom made a birthday cake with his face on it! I thought (and so did my mom) that this cake was pretty neat. I hope you had a great birthday!

    Another beautiful cake was also done this week. It was a pretty simple cake, with flowers and greens, but the way it was done made it different. Instead of just going around the cake-layer bases, these flowers were like vines, climbing the cake. I thought this was pretty cool, and the light color scheme was amazing. Another great thing that happened with this cake was it was probably the first delivery run I made with my family (or, my Dad, and two brothers). We didn’t do anything too fun, but it was the first of the year, and since the pandemic seems to be improving, there will probably be more to come. I hope you enjoyed the cake!

    These next two cakes are so great, it’s hard to choose which one was my favorite! So, I’ll just go with the one that was made first to feature next. This cake was, at its base, a pretty simple graduation cake, icing writing saying “Congratulations 2021!”. On the top though, is a whole other story. On the top, there was a model of the Nittany Lion Statue! Made out of Rice Krispie treats, I thought this was pretty awesome. I truly do not remember a cake that featured something like this for a graduation. It looked amazing! I hope you enjoyed the cake, and congratulations graduate!

    When I said that this cake was almost tied with the Nittany Lion statue, I wasn’t kidding. This cake is of glass panes. Accented with blue fondant, this cake looks amazing. My mom used edible paint to create a glass-pane look for this wedding cake, which just looks great on its own. Then, I think the thing that topped it off was the pane detail outlines. I think this added more of a realistic touch to this cake. And overall, this cake was just plain pretty cool. I hope you had a great wedding!

    Well, this weekend, there were some pretty cool, artsy cakes. I hope you enjoyed these adventures in Cakeland!

Salute to My Mom!

Hello, everyone! I am sorry this blog is a bit later this week, just running a bit behind due to some testing at my school. But anyways, this week’s blog post will be a good one. There were some amazing cakes, some graduation cakes, and, best of all, Mother’s Day was Sunday! Well, let’s get to it!

Earlier this past week, on Thursday, my mom made a very interesting (and beautiful) cake. I have seen cakes that are accented with, most of the time, fondant, icing, or even fake flowers. But this week, my mom made an amazing retirement cake with edible paint, and some fondant too. The cake was painted with lemons, and there were even some fondant lemons, with one sliced. I usually do not see cakes done with edible paint,  and it needed to be mentioned. Happy retirement!

Besides the main holiday of this past weekend (which is next!), Penn State graduation was last weekend. There were so many graduation cakes from this, and more will be coming soon as this month ends! I always loved seeing the little diplomas and caps that were put on the cakes, along with the different colors of their school.  Since this was a PSU graduation weekend, there were lots of paw prints! Congrats seniors!

     Finally, this past Sunday marked a very important  holiday: Mother’s Day. On top of these graduation cakes, many cakes were made for amazing moms as well. Many of these cakes had beautiful flowers, ranging in many different colors. My personal favorite with these cakes are the dark purple ones, since I think they just contrast so well with the normal white icing.

For Mother’s Day, all my mom said she wanted was some peace and quiet (which is a very hard thing to get around here), and that was perfectly fine. I love my mom so much, and she does everything for us. You are amazing, and happy (late) Mother’s Day to you! Happy (again, late) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Well, there were just so many different types of cakes that went out this past weekend, from Mother’s Day to graduation. Now, I am looking forward to high school graduations, which will be featured! I hope you enjoyed these adventures in cakeland!

Teachers Love Cupcakes and We Love Teachers!

Hello, everyone! This past week, several amazing cakes were done. There weren’t too many but sometimes the smaller ones need to get their chance to shine. This week in particular is a special week for us: teacher appreciation week! Let’s get right into it! 

You probably know by now that I like these large number cakes, shaped, usually, like the age of someone for their birthday. And this weekend, there was one of these cakes once again! This time, it was a lovely 90th birthday cake. What really stood out (besides the shape) for this cake was the flowers. I thought these contrasted greatly with the white cake surface, so deep in color. I thought these looked so pretty, and just added to a great cake in general. I hope you had a great birthday!

    These next two cakes had the same, beautiful theme: mermaids. These were both amazing birthday cakes. The first was a 7th birthday cake, with just simply a beautiful color palette of blue and purple. The second cake had this palette as well, but this one was unique: it was tall! When cakes are done, they can be pretty tall, but usually with tiers. This cake was just one tier, but pretty tall. I thought these mermaid cakes were delightful, and full of beautiful colors that were worth mentioning. I hope you all had great birthdays!

Finally, as I mention at the beginning of this post, this week is pretty special (and also the reason this blog is a bit late): teacher appreciation week! Usually, we (as in our family, along with a few others) send in some baked goods and such for our teachers and others during this special week in May. And this year, it’s no different! Somehow, we ended up making cupcakes for all the teachers and staff of our school district. I’m not trying to imply it’s a bad thing or something, I actually think it is very nice and kind of fun. The teachers and staff do so much for us, and sometimes it’s nice, for anyone, to know that they are truly appreciated. If any teachers are reading this (especially the ones that I have had), you do a lot for us as students, and as people as well, and I thank you so much for it! You have got me to where I am today, and probably to what I will do in the future! (I also hope you liked the cupcakes!)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little insight, from teachers to cakes. There will always be more to come with these small adventures in cakeland!

Coffee Cake, Anyone?

    Hello, everyone! This week, many different cakes were shown. Particularly, though, there were many birthday cakes. For this week’s selection, here are my personal top three, and, a small adventure related, in a way, to one of these amazing cakes. 

    For this week, one small cake that I liked was a 16th birthday cake. Usually, a lot of the 16th birthday cakes that I see are for sweet 16s and such. But this one was a bit different. This cake was driving-themed, with a simple road sign, and a streetlight. I thought this was a pretty cool cake, and simple as well. I hope you had a good birthday!

    Usually once or twice a month, these large birthday cakes are done, which still amaze me everytime. This time, it was an 80th birthday cake. The best part about these cakes though, are that they are shaped like numbers. This cake was beautiful, with blue and yellow flowers, and green banners. I thought this cake was peaceful and pretty good for these different and unique cakes. Another thing that was great about this celebration, was that it was for two.

Another cake was done for the man’s daughter, who was turning 50. This cake was a bit simpler, with purple and chocolate icing, but still beautiful. Well, I hope you both had an amazing birthday celebration!

    The final cake is one that I really liked [and my mom pointed out to me several times due to this] was a Starbucks cake. Usually, on the occasions that I go on deliveries with my mom, we usually end up going to Starbucks, which I love. I usually just get a Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, and this cake was pretty neat for me. It had the Starbucks color scheme, and then a Starbucks drink on the top, 3D. Overall, I thought it was pretty cool, and it was a birthday cake as well, so, I hope you had an amazing birthday!

    Well, I hope you enjoyed this little insight from this week, of our small adventures in cakeland.