Cake Fun in the Summertime

Hello, readers! This weekend started an amazing season: Summer! Now, fall is my favorite season, but Summer has to come in with a close second. Even though we have our hot and muggy days, we can always swim in the pool or eat some popsicles to beat it back.

This weekend, I saw two cute and summer-themed cakes to start this 2020 Summer off. The First cake was an Anniversary Cake that my dad and I delivered on Friday. This cake had beautiful, orange gerbera daisies, with little bees flying around.

Now, I know these little creatures are more known for the springtime, but believe me, they’re still everywhere throughout the summer, pollinating more flowers, such as rose of Sharon trees. Now, I’m not a big fan of bees, but I thought this cake was pretty cool with those nature-based 2-tiers.

The next cake was a small, but very cute, cake. It was a watermelon smasher cake! It was 6-inch small cake that had fluffy icing to make a watermelon. Even the black seeds were in it, being mini chocolate chips! Watermelon has always reminded me of summer, and hanging out with my family. I hope everyone has a great summer, and, of course, Happy Father’s Day! I hope you enjoyed these adventures in Cakeland. 

Class of 2020 Cakes

Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven’t written in the past few weeks, but with this time of year, it gets pretty busy, with or without a pandemic. The main reason? Graduations! With the end of May, beginning of June, graduation parties are everywhere. And there was no stopping these graduates during these times. In this blog, I’m going to highlight my top five favorite graduation cakes from these past weeks. 

    #5: Ashanty Grad Cake – This cake caught my eye. It was small, and pretty, but the one thing I loved about this cake was the strawberries. I thought that was amazing!

    #4: Congrats Emma! – This cake was brought to my attention because of the light colors, and not being bold of school colors. Again, simplicity was the reason for choosing. This cake was so cute!

    #3: Pre-K Grad Cake – This cake here I loved, because it reminded me of the cakes my mom used to do when I was little, with more of the red, blues, and yellows of old cakes of the 2000’s, and not the more or less trendy cakes of today.

    #2: Nicholas 3-Tier Cake – I loved this cake for two reasons: One, because of the hat on top! I thought that was such a nice touch. And two, I loved how the cake was three tiers! No other graduation cakes my mom did this time around were this tall. 

    #1: Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – This book always comes up with graduation. When I saw my mom doing this cake, I fell in love with it. This cake was a very nice design, and I just liked and enjoyed the cake in general. 

    And to anyone who graduated, from Pre-K to College, I hope you all do well moving onto your next step in life. I hope you enjoyed this many adventures in cakeland!

The One About Icing Spell Check

Hello, everyone! Sorry this blog is a bit late again! This week, my mom did an amazing cake and taught me an unintentional lesson. 🙂

So, this weekend, my mom made a Friends cake. I know I already featured a Friends cake in the blog, but who cares? Friends is, at least in my opinion, one of the greatest shows of all time. Anyway, the cake was beautiful, a dark purple with the frame around the door to look like Monica and Rachel’s door.  It also had the logo on the top, along with the Central Perk Logo on the front side.

On the cake, there was a small banner that said, “The One where , ” the birthday girls name, turns 13 during Quarantine.” Cake, awesome. But that’s not the end of the story.

When my mom first made the cake, she spelled the person’s name wrong, so the cake was brought back to be fixed, and my mom fixed it. But then, second time around she spelled quarantine wrong when she remade the banner. No one realized it until later at the party. Luckily, the customers found the second mistake funny and were happy she fixed the most important part, her name. They were completely okay with the second mistake once discovered and told my mom later.

With that, my mom was showing me this as a lesson that it’s okay to make mistakes and that sometimes people can get mad and some won’t, like these nice people. No matter what the result good or bad, the lesson is that you learn from the mistake, apologize for the mistake and move on. Things happen and it will be ok.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this insight from my Adventures in Cakeland!

Trooper-Mallows & Happy 50th

Hello, everyone! This weekend, my mom did not just one, but two cool cakes I couldn’t choose between! I’ll start off small.

This weekend, my mom did these small, but adorable, Star Wars Trooper cupcakes! They were cute, but the best part? These troopers were made out of big marshmallows! Whoever got them, I hope you enjoyed them! When I saw them, it made my day, even though I’m not a Star Wars fan.

The next one is a bit more traditional: an anniversary cake. And it wasn’t just any anniversary cake, but a 50th! Congrats to that couple! The one thing I loved about this cake is how it was old-fashioned. It had the old banners going along the sides of this small cake, and that same old color you see. I’ve always loved those types of cakes, though, sadly, not a ton are ordered nowadays, with all the new trends and such.

Even though this blog was short, I hope these adventures in cakeland brought joy to your day during Quarantine!

Mom’s Day in a Box

Hello! This past week (and weekend) my mom did something I’ve never seen before: 39 cakes! This was besides all the other cakes she did. These weren’t normal cakes, though. These were special Mother’s Day cakes! Why so special, you ask? Well,  Megan from B Events wanted to put together a little ‘Mother’s Day in a Box’ that people could order for their moms. Then, with a cake from us, flowers from Rooted Farmstead and balloons from Best Event  one of these ‘boxes’ would be dropped off at a mother’s home, since they can’t see them during these troubling times.  My mom, doing several of these type-things with her during this time, of course wanted to be involved!

So, she signed up to do 7 inch Mother’s Day cakes for every order! In the end, there were 39. Wow! They ranged in flavors, from red velvet to cookies n’ cream. My dad then delivered them on Saturday morning, waking up (in his time) very early at 8 AM in the morning to take them over to Best Event.

I loved how these cakes were very simple and cute, a perfect size, with some nice flowers. The best part? This may even happen again, without  COVID-19 or not! In the end to this Adventure in Cakeland,  Happy Belated Mother’s Day everyone, especially to my mom, who’s always trying to make everyone around her happy (and it always works)!

Sweet Gestures

Hello, everyone! This is going to be a longer blog, so get comfy! So, my family did two things this week. To start off, I’ll talk about cupcakes, because cupcakes are great! Anyways, my mom decided to make some cupcakes for the Mount Nittany Medical Center staff. The reasons for this are obvious. These people are making sure our community is feeling alright during this time, risking their lives for others as this virus comes through our homes. Anyways, while my mom made some cupcakes (and when I say that I mean a TON of cupcakes), my sister and I made some cards to put on the boxes. I love making cards, so it was very fun to do these. In all, I hope everyone at the hospital liked the cupcakes, and if you work there, thank you, for all that guys do there!

   Now, on to the second part of this blog. A mom in State College battling cancer.  Her family were going to go to Disney World. Sadly, it didn’t work out. So, their family and friends decided to put together an awesome Disney parade for her. Members of the community could sign up to drive a decorated Disney car by their house. When my mom was asked about doing a Disney cake for this, she was in.

The cake was so cute! It had little Mickey ears, and Toy Story at the bottom. In the end, we ended up staying for the parade, and it was amazing! They had news reporters there, awards given to the woman for her work at Penn State, and even several musical acts. Don’t forget about the 90 cars that drove by her house. I was amazed by this. It made me so happy that the whole community came together for this woman during this time. I hope more of this happens in our valley, everyone coming together always ends up having a great end story. 

  I hope you were inspired by these adventures in cakeland this week, and stay safe!

Cup-cakes of Hope?

 Hello, readers! Sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to write a blog in these past few weeks, I’ve just been a bit too busy with homework! This blog is going to be a short and  simple blog for a cake that inspired me. Anyways, this past week, my mom did this adorable dreamcatcher cake. Well, it wasn’t exactly a cake. It was cupcakes MADE into a cake! I just thought the cake was so pretty, with all the feathers, and its design.

But as I thought about it more, I realized during this time it could have a deeper meaning. In general, I would have chosen this cake (or these cupcakes) for the blog. The cake is just awesome in general. Although, the cake can be a symbol of hope, of the dreams and hopes during this time, for things to get better. We will get past this, don’t worry! Look for the happy things in your life, and power through this time with those things in your mind. I hope this small Adventure in Cakeland lifted up your day!

Thank you.

Hello, everyone! During these tough times, my family and I wanted to acknowledge the members of our community who are helping others. For this, we chose the people who are taking time out of their day to help out the kids in our community who are missing our school breakfasts and lunches. These people are working at Penns Valley Area School District to prepare food  and deliver to the kids during the weeks we are not in school.

These people are so kind and nice to do this, so we wanted to pay it forward persay. What did we do? Well, since we do cakes, we gave them cupcakes to just brighten their day while working. If you have worked on this and are reading this, everyone in this community is thankful for your generosity and time you put into this program to help the kids in our area (and I hope you enjoyed the cupcakes). Even if you didn’t help with this, and are doing something else to help, we thank you. This is definitely an adventure in cakeland to go in the record books.

Top 5 Cakes of 2019

Hello, everybody! With everything that has been happening in this period of time, not many cakes have been going out. Because of that, I’ve decided to put together a special blog. This week, I’ll show you my top 5 favorite cakes of 2019! With that, I’ll start with number 5.

            #5: Rubber Duck – As I was going through my mom’s photos of cakes, I stumbled upon this little cutie. I chose this cake as number five because it’s one, so cute, and two, it’s pretty simple, with light colors.

            #4: Winnie the Pooh (#1) – I chose this cake because I love Winnie the Pooh, and so does my mom. It reminds me a lot of watching it when I was younger, making it a happy cake for me.

            #3: Planet Cake – I chose this cake because it just looked amazing! I love the planets and the stars, so this was a cake that had to make it on this list. 

            #2: Winnie the Pooh (#2) – Yes, I chose ANOTHER Winnie the Pooh cake! Again, I chose this one for the number two spot on this list for the same reasons as I did with the last cake, including the simple quotes.

            #1: Beauty and The Beast – This is my number one cake for a couple of reasons. One, it has all the names of everyone involved in this musical, as well as an extra tier! Wow! As well, it reminds me of the cake my mom did for my musical a few weeks ago, which brings back a lot of good memories.

  So, what did you think of this throwback of cakes? I hope everyone is happy and healthy during this time! I hope these adventures in cakeland brought you joy!

They’re Always After Mom’s Lucky (Cake) Charms!

Hi, everyone! You probably know that Tuesday, March 17th, is St. Patrick’s Day. Did you know that the symbol of St. Patrick’s Day (the 3-sided shamrock) is used because it was said to be the way that St. Patrick explained the Holy Trinity to early Irish pagans?

Anyway, this week, I chose TWO cakes for the blog, because I thought they go hand-in-hand with the holiday.

First, I chose a very simple, but amazing cake. It was a simple, 3-sided shamrock, green with a white border, sprinkled with gold sugar on the border. To me, the cool part of this cake was all the tiny swirls that made up the icing. Kind of like little droplets.

Now, the other cake was actually a birthday cake for two little girls. This cake was a normal birthday cake, pink with white trim, rainbow sprinkles, saying “Happy Birthday” on it. Why is it for St. Patrick’s day, you ask? Well, inside this cake it is rainbow layered! Yes, every color of the rainbow, created by food dye. This was an amazing collection of cakes this weekend in cakeland. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!