Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad!

Hello, everyone! This past weekend was a pretty special one for my family. My dad’s birthday was on Friday, the 6th, and my mom’s birthday was yesterday, the 9th! And of course there are some little cake adventures that happened with them.

First, my dad’s.

This year, Alex really wanted to help my mom make a cake for him, and he did. It was Saturday when they made it, and it was pretty cool. When my Dad was a kid, he loved The Dukes of Hazard TV show. I remember watching it when I was little, and I liked it when they would jump things. So, they create this cake with the famous car jumping a road, from one mud pile to the next. I thought this looked excellent. We ended up eating it and blowing the candles out the next day in no other than the garage. And if you have been here before, you know what that place looks like. But he actually got it cleaned out a bit! There was even enough room for Elliot and I to (attempt) a candy cane fight with these 4-ft candy canes my dad had found somewhere. In all, great birthday.

Now, for my mom, she didn’t really have a cake, but instead, an ice cream sundae. And I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream sundaes? She blew out a candle, and everyone had a good time eating ice cream. In conclusion, these two birthdays are always important! Happy birthday guys! And, it was always a wonderful adventure in our chaotic life in cakeland.

Fall Cakes Catch Up!

Hello, everyone! I am so sorry that these blog posts have not been scheduled. Our semester is almost over at school, so I have been working mainly on school-related things these past few weeks. Anyways, there was so much that had happened. So sit down, this will be a pretty long blog post.

Last week, I was going to write a post about the time of fall. With that, it is such a beautiful season, fall. The leaves, those colors. But there is a small scary side. So, as a first to this, this past weekend, we had a few outstanding fall and halloween cakes I’d like to share.

    #1. Monster Fun – This cake was adorable. It was a three-tier cake, with each representing a monster. The first was a spider (or with a spider), the second a jack-o-lantern, and the third a frankenstein, with a little ghost on top. This was just a pretty neat cake I wanted to share.

    #2: Tiny Ghost – Okay, so maybe this wasn’t this past weekend (it was yesterday) but it still counts. This little cake was for a birthday, And it was the simplest two-tier cake with orange borders, colorful leaves, you get it. But the best part was this ghost on top, which was so cool! However I had this cake, I hope you had an awesome halloween birthday!

    #3: Halloween (The Movie) – As you might have seen from Facebook already, my sister’s birthday was on the 19th (Monday). And she loves creepy movies. I do not. I hate them. Anyways, she wanted the cake to be the poster from the original Halloween movie. As I don’t want to go into detail with this cake, you can see it for yourself. And also on the inside, the cake was red velvet to be blood…  But she loved this cake, and it did look pretty cool. I think she had an awesome birthday. Happy 11th, Sophia!

Fall and Halloween cakes are super fun during this time of year. But there were two cakes done this weekend, that if were done separately, there would have been whole blog posts just about them. These cakes were pretty cool. 

So, I believe on Wednesday, my mom made this amazing drone cake. It was so cool. It wasn’t a drawing, but a real replica of one! I thought it was a pretty cool cake. But then, I found out the amazing backstory. The girl who got this cake, which I believe is now 16, made this drone. That is so cool! She is a FPV Drone Racing Pilot. She also, in these leagues (if I use these terms correctly) is no. 198 in the world, and the 2nd fastest female! And if that isn’t enough, she goes by Pi Fly, because she also loves the number Pi. And this isn’t just a small liking either. She has memorized at least 200 digits!  And I thought 15 was pretty good. These are such amazing accomplishments. Congrats to you! And I hope you had an amazing 16th birthday. 

This is not all, but we have come down to the last cake. This cake is staggering, quite literally. The cake is huge. 4 feet tall. It is very tall. This was a cake that needed two people to deliver, which meant we had a family fun trip. I didn’t get to see the cake get assembled (it was so big we had to haul it there in pieces!) but my sister did. She even got to stand with the birthday girl and the cake, who was no other than Monteca Beisel. I hope you had an amazing birthday! 

These cakes from these past weeks are ones that are definitely crazy. Of course in a good way. From flying drones to creepy cakes, these cakes were ones that fit this odd time of year. A passing of time to Fall to Winter, and of the creepy crawlies. But, no matter what, these adventures in cakelands are ones to go in the books for sure. 

Not a Cake Story, Eggszactly

Hello, everyone! When these blogs first started out, I did a lot of adventures, with driving around, delivering, etc. With the idea of cool cakes, that pushed a way a bit. But, I think I should bring that back. We will still look at cool cakes though, don’t worry. When you like to stay home and read all day, you see more cakes than adventures while delivering.

Anyway, you came here for a story. This weekend, my dad, brothers and I took a long trip to a place called One Barn Farm, near Mifflinburg. It took us about 45 minutes to get there, so fun car stuff! While we were going, we found a huge chicken farm (or egg farm)!

This place had tons of chickens. It was so cool! When we came back, we found out there was a back, so we parked (staying in the car) and took some pictures of them. The chickens would slowly surround us the longer the car stood still. It was slightly creepy. When we opened the door, since we weren’t sure if Elliot could see it, the chickens kicked and ran away, creating a large cloud of dust. Those chickens were amazing. My dad said he had never seen that many chickens at one place in his life.

I might of got a bit off topic here. Back to the delivery. The place was beautiful where the wedding and reception was located. This place had ponds, fancy stonework… it was gorgeous. The little cake that we delivered was elegant as well, with what my mom describes as textured sides. Not to mention the little dog!

On the way back from delivering, we also just had to stop at a store called Wenger’s. Luckily, I was able to stay in the car with Elliot, while my dad and Alex went wheeling and dealing. Fun!It was worth it though, because I got to snack on Goldfish all the way home from this amazing delivery in cakeland.

Roll Out The Barrel…Cake!

I am so sorry that these blog posts have been posted oddly these past few weeks, or months, if I say. School has been starting up, and I needed to get into a routine where I can write this and do my schoolwork. But enough about me. You came here to read about cakes!

This weekend, there were two very special cakes. I’ll start with the cool one first. This cake was just, in simple words, super cool. It was a huge whiskey barrel, probably about the size of a 4-tier wedding cake. This thing had chocolate around it, spilling off the sides, full of chocolate and peanut butter goodies, with amazing Buckeyes. There was even little whiskey bottles on the top. This cake was overflowing. It was a definite memory.  Whoever got this cake, it looked awesome. I hope you enjoyed it!

Now, the next and final cake is a bit more close to our family. On the 19th, it was Elliot’s birthday. So, why wouldn’t we have a cake for him?! This year, my mom made him a Mickey’s Clubhouse cake, though we had to convince her not to do a Mickey Mouse Christmas one, since all he watches is those Christmas Mickey movies! He seemed to love that cake. He has never been much of a smasher, but he did blow out his candles, and poke and eat the cake (along with Sophia and Alex, of course) He had an amazing birthday. Happy Birthday buddy! We love you so much.

This weekend was a weekend I will never forget. 

Berry Unique!

Hello, everyone! This weekend, as I was looking through our cakes we had done, I noticed a good amount of a type: Berries! Adding fruit to a cake is amazing. And, you have a bit more of some better foods than sugar added to this dessert. So, I’ve decided to focus this blog on berry cakes!

#1: 4-Tier Naked Cake

    One thing I see a lot with the popular naked cake is berries, or flowers. This particular one was a staggering 4-tier, with a ton of berries around the edges. A 4-tier in general is cool, but this one, with the amount of berries on it, was impressive, and memorable.

#2: Fruity Cupcakes

    This is probably where I see the most fruit with cakes: Cupcakes. Fruit, in my opinion, adds a great taste and look to cupcakes. In these past few weeks, I saw cupcakes with Raspberries, and Strawberries on them. And if I had to choose one, I’d say Strawberries.

#3: Fruit Pile-up

    This top was just a big, and delicious, pile to me. Which is amazing! This two-tier cake we just did was with simple buttercream icing, but covered with many berries, like blueberries, and blackberries! This was a neat cake indeed. 

#4: Small, but Sure

    This small, sample-sized cake ends this post well. It’s a small design, being a naked cake, and top with large, big strawberries on top. Beautiful!

That sums up these Adventures in Cakeland. I hope you enjoyed reading!

Top 10 of July!

Hello, everyone! I’m so sorry I have not written in the past few weeks. It’s been pretty busy here! So, because of that, I will look over my favorite 10 cakes of July! Let’s get started!

    10. Rapunzel Cake – This cake, in my opinion, was so cool! It reminded me so much of a tall cake that we did several years ago, where it was a, at least one-foot-tall, tower that we had to create! And, I loved this princess when I was little as well. I hope the person that had this cake loved it!

    9. Happy Birthday, Miranda! – Like several of the cakes you will see in this post, I love the simple, old-fashioned cakes that just have some flowers, with interesting facts with each cake, like the writing, or basket-weaving on the sides. This cake stood out to me for those reasons. I just loved this cake, and those big, bright flowers! I usually don’t see a color scheme like it with these cakes, so that was pretty neat. I hope you had an amazing birthday, Miranda!

    8. Sweet 16 – This cake, once again, has that simple design with the flowers, with lighter tones to it. Simple, small, and perfect. Happy Birthday!

    7. Rainbow – This is more of a funny story. Somehow, on the same day, we ended up doing two exact cakes for two different people. It’s pretty neat if we have already done the same cake, ever, but two (almost) exact on the same day? That’s cool. Now, about these cakes. These cakes had a colorful rainbow siding to it, with a 3D Rainbow on top with the person’s name on it. The only other major difference to these cakes was, of course, the names, and one cake had a unicorn on it. Happy late birthday to the birthday kids!

    6. Happy 45th Anniversary – Before I start this one, congrats to this couple! Again, this cake is a simple and lovely flower cake. I’m sorry, but I love these cakes too much! Anyways, one thing that made this cake stand out to me was the small purple flowers. They added a lovely touch to this cake. As well, I loved how this cake added flowers on either side of the cake. And again, congrats to this amazing couple!

    5. Happy Birthday, Dan! – This cake came to me because of the balloons, and black outline and writing. This really reminds me of those old-fashioned cakes my mom did when I was little, which you don’t see much of anymore. Anyways, Happy late Birthday, Dan!

    4. Heinz Birthday – My mom just did this cake this past weekend. And how could you explain why I wouldn’t write about this cake? It’s super cool, and something I haven’t seen in cakeland. Happy birthday!

    3. Skee Ball – This is another like the Heinz cake, that was also done this past weekend. This one spoke out more to my sister I think. Sophia, as well as myself, thought this cake was awesome, and my sister loves Skee Ball, so this cake was more special to her. Happy birthday!

    2. Sparrow Cake – This cake made me so happy when I saw it. This cake was so peaceful, and happy. As well, I love birds, taking pictures of them all the time. So when I saw this cake, it, again, made my whole day. Whoever got this, I hope you loved it as much as I did!

  1. Minecraft Birthday – You may have already seen this one coming. My little brother, Alex, just had his 8th birthday, and, of course, he wanted a Minecraft cake, with the character Alex, and the new Netherite Pickaxe. Overall, he had an awesome birthday, making his Jared Boxes, and, in the end, having an awesome time. Again, happy birthday buddy!

    And that about sums up this month of July. That’s what you call some busy adventures in cakeland.

The Declaration of “Cake-Dependence”!

    Hello, everyone! This weekend, we had many cakes go out. But my favorites from this weekend were the 4th of July themes. So, in this entry, I’ll show you guys the 2020 4th of July cakes. Even though there weren’t that many, I think it’s still cool to look at them for this patriotic weekend.

        This cake was a beautiful 4th cake someone had got that was covered in red, white, and blue sprinkles, with ice blobs around the top. I don’t see many cakes that have as many sprinkles as this cake did, so I thought that was pretty cool. It was also red,white and blue inside!

        This cake wasn’t at first a 4th cake. It was a simple and delicious cake, with peanut butter cups, and chocolate icing. But in the end, a USA flag was stuck at the top, making this cake cooler than what it already was. 

        Last, but not least, this simple and beautiful birthday cake. With its fancy writing, the beautiful red, white, and blue flowers made it really stand out. This was a simple and fancy cake that I adored. 

    I hope you all enjoyed these wonderful Adventures in Cakeland this week! Thanks for reading!

Cake Fun in the Summertime

Hello, readers! This weekend started an amazing season: Summer! Now, fall is my favorite season, but Summer has to come in with a close second. Even though we have our hot and muggy days, we can always swim in the pool or eat some popsicles to beat it back.

This weekend, I saw two cute and summer-themed cakes to start this 2020 Summer off. The First cake was an Anniversary Cake that my dad and I delivered on Friday. This cake had beautiful, orange gerbera daisies, with little bees flying around.

Now, I know these little creatures are more known for the springtime, but believe me, they’re still everywhere throughout the summer, pollinating more flowers, such as rose of Sharon trees. Now, I’m not a big fan of bees, but I thought this cake was pretty cool with those nature-based 2-tiers.

The next cake was a small, but very cute, cake. It was a watermelon smasher cake! It was 6-inch small cake that had fluffy icing to make a watermelon. Even the black seeds were in it, being mini chocolate chips! Watermelon has always reminded me of summer, and hanging out with my family. I hope everyone has a great summer, and, of course, Happy Father’s Day! I hope you enjoyed these adventures in Cakeland. 

Class of 2020 Cakes

Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven’t written in the past few weeks, but with this time of year, it gets pretty busy, with or without a pandemic. The main reason? Graduations! With the end of May, beginning of June, graduation parties are everywhere. And there was no stopping these graduates during these times. In this blog, I’m going to highlight my top five favorite graduation cakes from these past weeks. 

    #5: Ashanty Grad Cake – This cake caught my eye. It was small, and pretty, but the one thing I loved about this cake was the strawberries. I thought that was amazing!

    #4: Congrats Emma! – This cake was brought to my attention because of the light colors, and not being bold of school colors. Again, simplicity was the reason for choosing. This cake was so cute!

    #3: Pre-K Grad Cake – This cake here I loved, because it reminded me of the cakes my mom used to do when I was little, with more of the red, blues, and yellows of old cakes of the 2000’s, and not the more or less trendy cakes of today.

    #2: Nicholas 3-Tier Cake – I loved this cake for two reasons: One, because of the hat on top! I thought that was such a nice touch. And two, I loved how the cake was three tiers! No other graduation cakes my mom did this time around were this tall. 

    #1: Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – This book always comes up with graduation. When I saw my mom doing this cake, I fell in love with it. This cake was a very nice design, and I just liked and enjoyed the cake in general. 

    And to anyone who graduated, from Pre-K to College, I hope you all do well moving onto your next step in life. I hope you enjoyed this many adventures in cakeland!

The One About Icing Spell Check

Hello, everyone! Sorry this blog is a bit late again! This week, my mom did an amazing cake and taught me an unintentional lesson. 🙂

So, this weekend, my mom made a Friends cake. I know I already featured a Friends cake in the blog, but who cares? Friends is, at least in my opinion, one of the greatest shows of all time. Anyway, the cake was beautiful, a dark purple with the frame around the door to look like Monica and Rachel’s door.  It also had the logo on the top, along with the Central Perk Logo on the front side.

On the cake, there was a small banner that said, “The One where , ” the birthday girls name, turns 13 during Quarantine.” Cake, awesome. But that’s not the end of the story.

When my mom first made the cake, she spelled the person’s name wrong, so the cake was brought back to be fixed, and my mom fixed it. But then, second time around she spelled quarantine wrong when she remade the banner. No one realized it until later at the party. Luckily, the customers found the second mistake funny and were happy she fixed the most important part, her name. They were completely okay with the second mistake once discovered and told my mom later.

With that, my mom was showing me this as a lesson that it’s okay to make mistakes and that sometimes people can get mad and some won’t, like these nice people. No matter what the result good or bad, the lesson is that you learn from the mistake, apologize for the mistake and move on. Things happen and it will be ok.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this insight from my Adventures in Cakeland!