Dog, Butterflies and Frogs, Oh My!

    Hello, everyone! I am sorry a post has not been done for the past few weeks, I have just been a bit busy with school. Anyways, this week, a few interesting stories have occurred, and several amazing cakes (to my opinion) were done.

    One cute little cake I had seen this weekend was one of a golden retriever, with the words “Happy Birthday Pap” written. I had seen this cake and thought it was so nice, and adorable at the same time. I hope you had a great birthday! 

    I also loved this one 60th birthday cake that had a vintage truck on top. My dad always talks about how much he loves those and he especially liked this cake, and I did too!

    Finally, today, Sunday the 28th, my mom had made two beautiful nature cakes. I love these types of cakes, I think they are very pretty, and I think the outdoors is so peaceful. The first cake was a lovely two-tier cake, covered with wonderful butterflies and light violet flowers. My mom told me that the cake was for a mother, and the two daughters had both wanted a butterfly cake for her birthday. Now isn’t that sweet? Another wonderful nature cake that was done was of a little pond of frogs, which in the way it was presented was so nice. Last summer, we had hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of tadpoles growing into little frogs, and we had watched them intently. This was also an amazing birthday cake, so I hope you both had lovely birthdays!

    There were a lot of cakes this weekend, that were filled with heartfelt surprises, which are sometimes the best to make some adventures in cakeland. 

Got Reese’s? :) We do!

Hello everyone! We are now into our second month in this new year, which came with a simple line of cakes for this weekend. This weekend, there weren’t that many cakes, but there is still some to show for my blog. One thing I noticed while I was getting some ideas for this blog was that there were two pictures of the same cake. I asked my mom, and she said that those two were actually for two completely unrelated orders. This type of cake is one that I see a lot.

This cake has peanut butter cups, chocolate cake & icing, with even some more chocolate drizzled on top. It’s the chocolate overhaul cake, and it’s not astonishing that this cake is made at least once every other week, though it is usually more. And personally, I think this cake is pretty cool too. I think my favorite part is the peanut-butter cups! Well, besides that, there was not too much else that happened over this weekend, or at least that my eye had seen.

I hope you enjoyed this sweet little adventure in cakeland!

Poppin’ Cakes, Yo

    Hello, everyone! I saw two cakes in this past week that I had thought were pretty cool, so I am pretty much going to jump right in. Just as a note, it was pretty hard to choose for this week, there were so many nice and neat cakes, these were just ones that had “popped” out to me this week.

Anyways, the first cake was done on Thursday, of a John Deere. The cake itself for me seemed pretty detailed, and more than usual. I thought that was pretty interesting, how clean-cut it was. Best of all, it was for a man, by the name of Jim’s, retirement. I hope you have a good retirement!

Next, was a little girl’s birthday cake, named Whitney. She was turning 8, and as my mom was making it, I noticed a picture on her phone. The little girl had drawn a picture of what she wanted on her cake, details and everything.

I just thought this was plain adorable. This just made me think of when I would make fake cakes for the art show in elementary, and I would plan out mine as well. I thought the cake as well had turned out great as well, with the black silhouettes of the gymnasts. Well, although this blog was short, it was sweet to the point. I hope you enjoyed these simple adventures in cakeland!

Sweet Memories

      Hello, everyone! This weekend was filled with some pretty neat cakes, but not just ones that I liked, but my parents liked as well.

The first cake was a game board for a game called Parcheesi. I thought the cake was so detailed and colorful, but some of the best parts of cakes are their backstories. As for this one, my mom, when she was younger, would play this game with her family. 

This game would be played in a cabin her Gram and Pap had in the Poconos,  every weekend. I thought this was so sweet, and this cake was for a woman’s 94th birthday. She plays this game with her daughter when she comes over to visit. I wish I knew more about this game to say more, but I hope you had an amazing birthday!

Next, this cake was focused more on my Dad’s taste: The Dukes of Hazzard. I have mentioned this before, but my dad loves the Dukes of Hazzard, and he “learned how to drive from that show”, apparently. The cake was  actually for  a friend of his son’s 13th birthday. I thought the cake was pretty neat, with the car in the middle. I hope you had a great birthday! These cakes touched my parents well, and these adventures in cakeland are, once more, to remember.

Totally Awesome Weekend, I’m SO Sure!

Hello, everyone! This weekend, there were a number of cakes that went out that fit one cool theme: The 80’s. I thought this would be a nice topic for this weekend.

First off, there was a Gremlin cake done for a little guy’s birthday. I think the cake was neat, but I am personally not a fan of scary movies. Still, this was a cake that fit this theme, and was pretty cool.

Next, there was a DJ themed cake. It had an old turn-table (according to my parents) and a nice pair of headphones. I thought this cake was pretty simple, and it seemed to fit right into the 80’s theme, pretty well.

Finally, my personal favorite: Someone this weekend had a Sweet 16 party with, of course, the 80’s.  The cake had what I see the most from that time period: MTV, a Rubik’s Cube, and Pac-Man. I think the Pac-Man guys are pretty cute, and the cake was so colorful! I thought this was a personal favorite of mine, though I probably say that about many cakes. I think the weekend was jam-packed with some peaceful and well-known era cakes, which concluded an awesome Adventure in Cakeland.

Cakes From the Hundred Acre Wood

Hello, everyone! I am sorry that I have not written anything in these past weeks. I had been doing other things with my family, and sometimes the blog had slipped out of my mind. But, new year. We are putting the mess we call 2020 behind in hopes of a better year.

As for cakes, I would like to highlight one adorable one my mom had done this past weekend. If you have been reading this for a while, you probably know about these Winnie the Pooh cakes, and this weekend, another was done that I love.

This little cake and cupcakes done for a baby shower were just the cutest. The cake had a tiny little pooh with bees circling him. There was also grass and bees on the bottom, and although I am not a fond person of bees, it was pretty cool.

And the cupcakes were so pretty too, with bees and “hunny” pots on them! I just like these cakes a lot, and I notice them often. Well, this wasn’t as long as it usually is, I hope that is okay, and you still enjoyed this small adventure that started our cakeland off in this new year of hope!

Hogwarts, Ginger and Other Sweet Stuff

Hello! This past week has been filled with one thing: Gingerbread Houses. First, annually, we had done gingerbread houses for Sprucetown United Methodist Church in Spring Mills for several years, but due to COVID-19, we instead gave out kits. Although my Dad had gone to do that, I was able to see as they were assembled and help with my Dad’s stockpile of candy (and maybe eat a bit, too). I hope that next year we will be able to continue that tradition, although it may still look a bit different.

Now, probably the biggest thing that happened this week, was the Hogwarts Gingerbread Castle. The gingerbread castle  was actually for a wedding, and it is just so neat! It had been in planning for several weeks, and it was finally put all together this weekend. Although we couldn’t really help much, it was amazing to see it be put together, piece by piece, to become what it did. My little brother, Elliot, would come in the kitchen and just stare at it. Then, he tried to touch it, so we would have to take him away from it. One thing that also happened was when we put the sugar on top, for the snow. My Mom wanted to look like it was snowing, so my Dad took it and sprinkled it on while she took some pictures, but there was some wind. So, let’s just say some people were covered afterwards. Overall, this was a fantastic house, and I hope the couple loved it!

    Although it isn’t much, my parents decided to sell a few gingerbread houses + kits for these few weeks going into Christmas. I think that will be nice for this time, since we would usually do something like this, COVID or not. And, big batches of cookies were starting to be prepared yesterday, so look forward to a possible cookie blog next time. I hope you enjoyed reading these adventures in Cakeland, and an early happy holiday!

I Smell Cookies!

Hello! This past weekend was Thanksgiving, and, the beginning of the Christmas season. Although I will mostly be talking about this coming season today (I love Christmas!), but I just wanted to say Thanksgiving is an important holiday. Although I stayed here at home this year, I had a great time with my family, and am so grateful for them. And now, onto the main part of this blog. 

    This week, since we have all been off, even my mom for the most part, my dad was able to mess around with a few crafts, and put up some lights. But, best of all, Christmas cookies were able to be made. Personally, my favorite cookies are Peanut Butter Blossoms. The first cookies are going out, and I am so excited. I love the smell of cookies, and with all these new things happening for this holiday season, I cannot wait. The only thing left to do is get a tree, which I think is in two weeks. 

    Although there was not much to say this week, but has been a pretty eventful week. Although it did not deal much with cakes, this is still a fun time of year. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and are looking forward to an amazing holiday season!

Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad!

Hello, everyone! This past weekend was a pretty special one for my family. My dad’s birthday was on Friday, the 6th, and my mom’s birthday was yesterday, the 9th! And of course there are some little cake adventures that happened with them.

First, my dad’s.

This year, Alex really wanted to help my mom make a cake for him, and he did. It was Saturday when they made it, and it was pretty cool. When my Dad was a kid, he loved The Dukes of Hazard TV show. I remember watching it when I was little, and I liked it when they would jump things. So, they create this cake with the famous car jumping a road, from one mud pile to the next. I thought this looked excellent. We ended up eating it and blowing the candles out the next day in no other than the garage. And if you have been here before, you know what that place looks like. But he actually got it cleaned out a bit! There was even enough room for Elliot and I to (attempt) a candy cane fight with these 4-ft candy canes my dad had found somewhere. In all, great birthday.

Now, for my mom, she didn’t really have a cake, but instead, an ice cream sundae. And I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream sundaes? She blew out a candle, and everyone had a good time eating ice cream. In conclusion, these two birthdays are always important! Happy birthday guys! And, it was always a wonderful adventure in our chaotic life in cakeland.

Fall Cakes Catch Up!

Hello, everyone! I am so sorry that these blog posts have not been scheduled. Our semester is almost over at school, so I have been working mainly on school-related things these past few weeks. Anyways, there was so much that had happened. So sit down, this will be a pretty long blog post.

Last week, I was going to write a post about the time of fall. With that, it is such a beautiful season, fall. The leaves, those colors. But there is a small scary side. So, as a first to this, this past weekend, we had a few outstanding fall and halloween cakes I’d like to share.

    #1. Monster Fun – This cake was adorable. It was a three-tier cake, with each representing a monster. The first was a spider (or with a spider), the second a jack-o-lantern, and the third a frankenstein, with a little ghost on top. This was just a pretty neat cake I wanted to share.

    #2: Tiny Ghost – Okay, so maybe this wasn’t this past weekend (it was yesterday) but it still counts. This little cake was for a birthday, And it was the simplest two-tier cake with orange borders, colorful leaves, you get it. But the best part was this ghost on top, which was so cool! However I had this cake, I hope you had an awesome halloween birthday!

    #3: Halloween (The Movie) – As you might have seen from Facebook already, my sister’s birthday was on the 19th (Monday). And she loves creepy movies. I do not. I hate them. Anyways, she wanted the cake to be the poster from the original Halloween movie. As I don’t want to go into detail with this cake, you can see it for yourself. And also on the inside, the cake was red velvet to be blood…  But she loved this cake, and it did look pretty cool. I think she had an awesome birthday. Happy 11th, Sophia!

Fall and Halloween cakes are super fun during this time of year. But there were two cakes done this weekend, that if were done separately, there would have been whole blog posts just about them. These cakes were pretty cool. 

So, I believe on Wednesday, my mom made this amazing drone cake. It was so cool. It wasn’t a drawing, but a real replica of one! I thought it was a pretty cool cake. But then, I found out the amazing backstory. The girl who got this cake, which I believe is now 16, made this drone. That is so cool! She is a FPV Drone Racing Pilot. She also, in these leagues (if I use these terms correctly) is no. 198 in the world, and the 2nd fastest female! And if that isn’t enough, she goes by Pi Fly, because she also loves the number Pi. And this isn’t just a small liking either. She has memorized at least 200 digits!  And I thought 15 was pretty good. These are such amazing accomplishments. Congrats to you! And I hope you had an amazing 16th birthday. 

This is not all, but we have come down to the last cake. This cake is staggering, quite literally. The cake is huge. 4 feet tall. It is very tall. This was a cake that needed two people to deliver, which meant we had a family fun trip. I didn’t get to see the cake get assembled (it was so big we had to haul it there in pieces!) but my sister did. She even got to stand with the birthday girl and the cake, who was no other than Monteca Beisel. I hope you had an amazing birthday! 

These cakes from these past weeks are ones that are definitely crazy. Of course in a good way. From flying drones to creepy cakes, these cakes were ones that fit this odd time of year. A passing of time to Fall to Winter, and of the creepy crawlies. But, no matter what, these adventures in cakelands are ones to go in the books for sure.