Trooper-Mallows & Happy 50th

Hello, everyone! This weekend, my mom did not just one, but two cool cakes I couldn’t choose between! I’ll start off small.

This weekend, my mom did these small, but adorable, Star Wars Trooper cupcakes! They were cute, but the best part? These troopers were made out of big marshmallows! Whoever got them, I hope you enjoyed them! When I saw them, it made my day, even though I’m not a Star Wars fan.

The next one is a bit more traditional: an anniversary cake. And it wasn’t just any anniversary cake, but a 50th! Congrats to that couple! The one thing I loved about this cake is how it was old-fashioned. It had the old banners going along the sides of this small cake, and that same old color you see. I’ve always loved those types of cakes, though, sadly, not a ton are ordered nowadays, with all the new trends and such.

Even though this blog was short, I hope these adventures in cakeland brought joy to your day during Quarantine!