Thank You.

Hello, everyone! During these tough times, my family and I wanted to acknowledge the members of our community who are helping others. For this, we chose the people who are taking time out of their day to help out the kids in our community who are missing our school breakfasts and lunches. These people are working at Penns Valley Area School District to prepare food  and deliver to the kids during the weeks we are not in school.

These people are so kind and nice to do this, so we wanted to pay it forward persay. What did we do? Well, since we do cakes, we gave them cupcakes to just brighten their day while working. If you have worked on this and are reading this, everyone in this community is thankful for your generosity and time you put into this program to help the kids in our area (and I hope you enjoyed the cupcakes). Even if you didn’t help with this, and are doing something else to help, we thank you. This is definitely an adventure in cakeland to go in the record books.