Sprinkles are for Winners!

    Hello, everyone! First and foremost, Happy Fourth of July (or Independence Day, whatever you may call it). This weekend, we (as in my brothers and dad) were able to go on a bit of an adventure besides delivering, and, as always, there was a great amount of beautiful cakes.

    First, as always, the cakes. As I was looking through the cakes this weekend, I only think that there was one 4th of July-themed cake. It was fairly simple, with red writing, and lots of colorful sprinkles. But, it fit this holiday perfectly. This cake in particular was a birthday cake, so happy birthday!

    There were also a number of cakes that were worth mentioning from this weekend. One cake that I thought was particularly funny was a birthday cake. This cake was pointing at the fact that this woman was turning 30, and so the writing said “Happy death to Ang’s 20s.” This more or less reminded me of a Friends episode where they made fun of each other turning 30, so I just thought this was a cool cake. I hope you enjoyed the cake!

Another cake that I thought was neat was a birthday cake for a kid. This cake was a 2-tier, showing little monster trucks and Oreos as dirt. But, the one thing I liked in the creation of this cake was the waterfall. As my mom was creating the cake, she had to carve the waterfall out, instead of just putting it on the outside with icing. Overall, these two cakes were pretty neat. I hope you had a great birthday!

    As for this weekend, my dad and brothers (who are usually the people I go delivering with) had to deliver only one cake to Fern Hill (which we usually refer to as McCann, as the name I believe was just changed). I liked this cake a lot, for it was pretty and simple with its light red and pink roses on top.

Afterwards, we actually went on a bit of a real adventure to Shaver’s Creek, which is near Fern Hill. I think we were near the boating dock, but there was a ton of birds there, and I was able to take a good amount of pictures of them, like Cedar Waxwings and Eastern Phoebes (the photos are not of the greatest quality though, I didn’t have the right lens with me that day). Overall, it was pretty neat going on an interesting and unique adventure in cakeland for a change this weekend.