Snow Big Deal

   Hello, everyone! This weekend, my mom had done this amazing birthday cake. Now, I live with cakes, and sometimes, some aren’t huge and crazy (in a good way). But this one was. This cake was a half  sheet cake with many layers. Then, it was cut to look like this beautiful slope, like a mountain side. You see, the party for this child was at Tussey Mountain, since they had wanted to have a wonderful skiing and snow tubing party there. They enlisted for my mom to make their cake, and she (of course) had accepted. Anyway, back to the cake. The cake they was split into 3 little rows, each with one little person snow tubing down it. They were so cute!

Then, there were some snowy pine trees (made with some ice cream cones) put on. Last, my mom took some powdered sugar and sprinkled it on. At this point, I was in awe. The cake was so pretty! My dad seemed to love it too, along with every possible person in my family. I hope that we will be able to make more cakes like these, the ones that bring your family together, in our wonderful and messy adventures in cakeland.