Not a Cake Story, Eggszactly

Hello, everyone! When these blogs first started out, I did a lot of adventures, with driving around, delivering, etc. With the idea of cool cakes, that pushed a way a bit. But, I think I should bring that back. We will still look at cool cakes though, don’t worry. When you like to stay home and read all day, you see more cakes than adventures while delivering.

Anyway, you came here for a story. This weekend, my dad, brothers and I took a long trip to a place called One Barn Farm, near Mifflinburg. It took us about 45 minutes to get there, so fun car stuff! While we were going, we found a huge chicken farm (or egg farm)!

This place had tons of chickens. It was so cool! When we came back, we found out there was a back, so we parked (staying in the car) and took some pictures of them. The chickens would slowly surround us the longer the car stood still. It was slightly creepy. When we opened the door, since we weren’t sure if Elliot could see it, the chickens kicked and ran away, creating a large cloud of dust. Those chickens were amazing. My dad said he had never seen that many chickens at one place in his life.

I might of got a bit off topic here. Back to the delivery. The place was beautiful where the wedding and reception was located. This place had ponds, fancy stonework… it was gorgeous. The little cake that we delivered was elegant as well, with what my mom describes as textured sides. Not to mention the little dog!

On the way back from delivering, we also just had to stop at a store called Wenger’s. Luckily, I was able to stay in the car with Elliot, while my dad and Alex went wheeling and dealing. Fun!It was worth it though, because I got to snack on Goldfish all the way home from this amazing delivery in cakeland.