Little Crumbs

Hello, everyone! This week, there was actually not that many cakes [thus the title]. In response, here is a quick top five cake list from this weekend, enjoy!

#5: Bluey Cake – This cake was filled with color, quite literally. One thing that I will do to help is print these little guys on the cake out, which I think is kind of neat. Anyways, this birthday cake featured a large rainbow on top along with this show’s characters. I hope you had a great birthday!

#4: Pumpkin Cupcakes – Although not much, these cupcakes were just so cute! There’s really not too much to say, these -pumpkin-spice cupcakes featured a little pumpkin on top. I hope you also had a good celebration!

#3: Fall Flowers – I just love these cakes. I think they are probably the most common, but they are very pretty, and peaceful. The color scheme on this definitely fit the season, and the icing pumpkins were a perfect touch. I hope you had a nice celebration!

#2: Spooky Halloween Birthday – This cake is what I think of when someone mentions Halloween: The dark purples, yellow moon, creepy castle, and the bat. And I loved how it was a silhouette as well! I hope once again you had a wonderful birthday!

#1: Antique Wedding – I think this cake was very elegant: the old topper, and cake design. I would of mentioned this cake in general, but my mom told me that this was actually their grandparent’s wedding cake topper. I have heard of this in the past, and I think these cakes are always so pretty. And with that, these quick pieces of this weekend add up, in the long run, to some amazing adventures in cakeland.