I Saw the Sign!

     Hello, everyone! One thing my family tries to do is find parks to go to, when we’re out. This weekend, my brothers, dad and I had to deliver a few cakes to Cooke’s Tavern, Paradise Ranch, and Harmony Forge. When we were heading back home, I saw a sign that said ‘Community Park’. We followed it, and ended up at this amazing park! It was old fashioned, and had an old merry-go-round! I remember one I used to play on when I was little, but it was then taken away, and I hadn’t seen once since. It was great! My brother Elliot ran to the swings, and my other brother Alex was playing in the small creek near the park. I checked out a lot of the features, such as all the slides, swings, and a little bus! I hope we can find another park like this one was someday, old fashioned, and great for everyone. This was a fun adventure in cakeland!