Happy Birthday, Mom & Dad!

Hello, everyone! This past weekend was a pretty special one for my family. My dad’s birthday was on Friday, the 6th, and my mom’s birthday was yesterday, the 9th! And of course there are some little cake adventures that happened with them.

First, my dad’s.

This year, Alex really wanted to help my mom make a cake for him, and he did. It was Saturday when they made it, and it was pretty cool. When my Dad was a kid, he loved The Dukes of Hazard TV show. I remember watching it when I was little, and I liked it when they would jump things. So, they create this cake with the famous car jumping a road, from one mud pile to the next. I thought this looked excellent. We ended up eating it and blowing the candles out the next day in no other than the garage. And if you have been here before, you know what that place looks like. But he actually got it cleaned out a bit! There was even enough room for Elliot and I to (attempt) a candy cane fight with these 4-ft candy canes my dad had found somewhere. In all, great birthday.

Now, for my mom, she didn’t really have a cake, but instead, an ice cream sundae. And I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream sundaes? She blew out a candle, and everyone had a good time eating ice cream. In conclusion, these two birthdays are always important! Happy birthday guys! And, it was always a wonderful adventure in our chaotic life in cakeland.