Encore, Encore!

  Hello, everyone! This weekend, as I said in the last blog, was the weekend of the musical. As usual my family donated cupcakes to go along with the dinners and snacks all the families provided for the cast and crew. 

 Although, that’s not all my mom did. On the Friday of the show, my mom made this outstanding cake for all of cast, crew, and pit! It was a full-sheet cake of chocolate and vanilla with the large logo of the musical (The Little Mermaid) on it. The best part, though? EVERYONE’S name was around the sides of the cake! Mine was on the front (it was done by mistake!) of the cake. Once the cake came in, everyone seemed to love it, getting pictures with it, finding their names, and more! By the time the both musicals were over, ALL of it was gone! In all, the musical went amazing, both nights. If you did, thank you for coming! This was a definite adventure in cakeland to go in the books.