Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!

    Hello, everyone! This past week, there were some amazing cakes that are definitely worth mentioning. A bit of a short introduction, but still! Enjoy the cakes!

    Earlier this week, my mom had done not just one, but two wonderful woodland birthday cakes. These two girls turned 2 and 3, and had an amazing little theme. I always thought these woodland cakes were adorable, and these two were no exception. They both had these pink little flowers and green leaves, and each had an animal. One was a baby deer, the other a fox. Out of all the different cakes I have seen, these kinds are sometimes, if not all the time, some of the cutest.

    Speaking of ‘cake twinning’, these two cakes were an accidental twin. There have been many different cake phases, which could include the naked cake and such. One of the types that has grown well with kids’ cakes is the unicorn cake. And this weekend, we had two, designed almost the same exact way. When I first saw them, I actually thought my mom had just taken two pictures of the same cake! Either way, these cakes were both pretty cool, and whoever received them, I hope you liked them!

    And guess what? There’s another twin! I had a few cakes I had picked out to write about this week, and as I looked through the pictures again as I am writing this, there have been several paired cakes! This ‘twin’ was not a coincidence, and was very sweet. These two cakes are lovely nursery-like cakes. One was for a little girl’s first birthday, with a little moon and teddy bear. The other, was a baby shower cake, for a new little boy being welcomed into their family. I thought these two were just so nice, and simple. I hope your celebration was wonderful!

    Well, I hoped you liked this entry of cakes. I didn’t even realize that there were so many similar cakes this week! These are great adventures in cakeland that are sure to go down in the books.