Cupcakes of Hope?

 Hello, readers! Sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to write a blog in these past few weeks, I’ve just been a bit too busy with homework! This blog is going to be a short and  simple blog for a cake that inspired me. Anyways, this past week, my mom did this adorable dreamcatcher cake. Well, it wasn’t exactly a cake. It was cupcakes MADE into a cake! I just thought the cake was so pretty, with all the feathers, and its design.

But as I thought about it more, I realized during this time it could have a deeper meaning. In general, I would have chosen this cake (or these cupcakes) for the blog. The cake is just awesome in general. Although, the cake can be a symbol of hope, of the dreams and hopes during this time, for things to get better. We will get past this, don’t worry! Look for the happy things in your life, and power through this time with those things in your mind. I hope this small Adventure in Cakeland lifted up your day!