Cupcake War

A few months ago, my mom volunteered to do a Cupcake War for the Bellefonte Library, and it finally arrived! My mom asked me if I wanted to go with, and of course I said yes! I love to read and write! 

When the two of us arrived, we took all the supplies for the wars. The supplies were so heavy! With the help of some of the librarians, we set everything up as the kids participating arrived. Since there was only a few kids allowed, there was a waiting list, with an extra 20 kids on it! I think that is amazing! The kids were super excited to do the cupcakes!

After the wars were in full swing, I was aloud to check out the library. That place was huge! I loved it there! I got a lot of books, and I read some there too! I was so happy I was able to check out the Iibrary, and help my mom. This was an awesome Adventure in Cakeland.