Cotton Top

 Hello, everyone! This weekend has been pretty normal, but, or at least for me, I will be really busy this week. Our school does a musical every year, and I’m finally old enough to join it. Well, specifically the stage crew. Anyways, this week is dress week for our production of The Little Mermaid, and from what I have heard, it’s pretty tiring, but super fun! I hope everything goes well for the showings! Anyways, back to the blog. This weekend, my mom made this simple birthday cake. It was pink, had some white trim, with a little note on the side saying ‘Happy 9th Birthday’. Simple at first, still very cute.

But then, there was something special at the top: Cotton Candy! In my life of living with cakes, I have never seen any cotton candy on cakes, truth be told. On the cake, it had the flavors of blue raspberry, cherry, and grape. Of course, there was extra, and I got to eat them! I hope whoever got the cake loved it. As for this weekend, a little special cake, for a very special adventure in cakeland.