Wonderful Colors of Fall

Hello, everyone! I am sorry I was not able to write a blog post last weekend, but this week, there are a ton of great cakes to talk about! There seems to be a large amount [not just because it’s been two weeks], so this should be a bit of a longer one! I hope you enjoy it!

This weekend, there were two pretty cool cupcakes that had to be mentioned. The first were these amazing Minecraft cupcakes. I liked these in particular, because of the unique faces that were featured. Another pretty neat cupcake was these bee cupcakes! And, I got to make the little bees on top, which was pretty fun! So, overall, so awesome cupcakes were made in these past two weeks. I hope you enjoyed them, and had a great celebration!

Speaking of Minecraft, along with those Minecraft cupcakes, there was also a Minecraft cake later in the week! This cake had three pretty cool tiers, featuring 3 different characters from the game: An Enderman, Ghast, and Creeper. There was also another pretty neat cake this week that, at first, I actually thought it was a birthday cake due to its amazing theme. This was a Harry Potter cake to welcome a baby! I thought the color scheme of this cake was beautiful. Another great birthday cake from this weekend though featured bowling. I loved the colors featured in this cake, and I don’t remember actually seeing a bowling cake in a long time. I hope you both had wonderful celebrations in these past weekends!

There were also some great cakes these past two weekends that featured some great color arrangements. Two of which, were actually almost identical. Both birthdays, these cakes featured an amazing kind of flower: Sunflowers. I just thought these were so pretty, and the petals were nicely detailed. Another great flower cake, a wedding, featured some amazing purple flowers, not light, but normal purple, which I do not see as often. As well, this cake had featured some dark greens and beautiful reds. Another wedding cake also featured these amazing dark greens, as well as some pastel roses and other flowers. I think my favorite though was a small, two-tier wedding cake. It didn’t feature these dark greens, but pastel pink roses, as well as some interesting golden ribbons that adding a lovely touch. And, once again, I hope you had a wonderful celebration!

And finally, to top it all off, we have some amazing fall cakes. Most of these cake pictures are from our picnic table, in which has been covered with pumpkins my dad found on sale about a week ago. Anyway, that sets a great background for these two fall-themed cakes that were done this weekend. The first, features a pumpkin! Yes, on the top of the cake, there is a pumpkin, with wonderful fall leaves on it. The second features these beautiful, dark flowers that just remind me of the autumn wreaths. These cakes just seem to fit perfectly with this season, and I hope that you both had wonderful celebrations!

So, in totality, these cakes brought together a great beginning [in a sense] to the fall season, which is a great time in these adventures in cakeland.

Weekend Oddities

Hello, everyone! This weekend, some great and creative cakes were made that I was so excited to talk about. I hope you enjoy this week’s post!

I think one of the cutest things that was done this weekend were these little grill cupcakes. These cupcakes were made so that each one was like a grill! There was even a hot dog and hamburger on each one, with little gold flakes to represent the flames. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cupcakes like this before, so this was pretty neat. Speaking on cupcake notes, personally, my favorite flavor of cupcake is a vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling. This was for a 1st birthday, so I hope you had a great celebration!

Another small cake that was done this weekend was to welcome a new baby boy. I always thought these little cakes are adorable. This one featured a small picture of a boat and anchor, which I think is such a cute theme! I hope you had a wonderful celebration!

A number of wedding cakes also went out this weekend, but I think my top pick from this weekend [and just to note, all of the wedding cakes from this weekend were beautiful!] was this one cake that my sister and mom took. This cake had simple icing, but just had these amazing flowers. These were white and dark pinks & purples. As well, on the bottom tier, these flowers were centered, flowing down the side of the tier. I just thought this one was really pretty. I hope you all had some great wedding celebrations!

Speaking of some wonderful purple and pink flowers, there was another cake that featured some of this great color scheme! This weekend, instead of this cake being those large “number” cakes, it was a letter, D! This stood for someone’s initial, for their birthday. I hope that you also had a spectacular celebration!

To finish off this blog post, there was also two birthday cakes that seem to stand out for me from other weekends prior. The first was this painted-like cake. This cake featured different “paint strokes” of pastel colors like blue, green, orange, & yellow, reminding me of some of the modern, more abstract art. As for the other one, this one was definitely unique: it was an eel-shaped cake! I really don’t think I have ever seen an eel cake. This cake was actually larger too, making it even better. And I thought the green colors looked great, and the blue wrap on the bottom helped tie it all off! As previously mentioned, these were both birthdays, so I hope you both had some awesome birthday celebrations!

In conclusion, there was a lot of random cakes this weekend, that seem to always pop up once in a while. I hope you enjoyed this slighter shorter Adventures in Cakeland blog post!

Purple Posies

Hello, everyone! These past two weeks, some great cakes were created, and some great memories were made. Although a short introduction, I hope you enjoy a lookback of these past few weeks!

While looking at these pictures, I noticed that a few of the cakes featured one common color: purple! I usually don’t see as many dominantly purple, or violet, cakes, so I thought this was pretty neat. This one purple cake featured a lot of this color. The top half of the cake featured a deep purple icing, and the bottom was in white. And, there was a little graduation hat! The next cake had a beautiful array of dark & light purple flowers, streaming down the side. I especially liked this one since it seemed to be so simple. These two cakes were actually from last weekend, but this last purple color was from this weekend. This was a wedding cake, with more of a light purple, featuring a fondant 2nd tier and white 1st & 3rd tier. The first two cakes were a graduation cake, and the other wedding cake, so I hope you had wonderful celebrations!

Speaking of more themes, trucks were also used a bit in these past two weeks. These two cakes were pretty cool. From last weekend, there was a neat green truck. For a birthday cake, this cake was small, but detailed, and picking up a little 2. As for this weekend, this one cake was to welcome a newborn. This two-tier featured an old-fashioned blue truck, with pumpkins all around the cake. There was even a little text, “Welcome Little Pumpkin”. I thought this cake was pretty adorable. I hope you also had wonderful celebrations!

As always, there were also some awesome animal cakes. In our most recent relations, we had another chicken! I just think this one is pretty cute. My favorite part of this cake is the gray accent on each of the feathers. These animal faces, as I like to call them, are becoming more popular recently. In the past two weeks, two of these were done: a unicorn pig (very creative!), and a fox, which I have not seen before. I hope you all had wonderful celebrations!

Although not related to Delectable Delights, my mom at her job at Penn State this week made the College GameDay cake for the WhiteOut game! I thought the little mascots on the top were pretty cute. 

And finally, we also had a wonderful celebration this weekend that we just had to celebrate: Elliot’s 7th birthday! Almost every time we look on his tablet, he is playing Christmas music (he absolutely loves it!), so my mom made a several-tiered Christmas tree cake for him! I think he liked it a lot. I hope he had a good birthday, we love you buddy!

Overall, some great memories were made in these past two weekends, from trucks to trees, that made for amazing adventures in cakeland for the record books.

Candy Palooza

Hello, everyone! This weekend, a great selection of detailed cakes were done, which I am definitely excited to talk about! As well, my dad, brothers, and I were also able to go on a bit of an adventure this labor day weekend! Enjoy!

First, obviously, the cakes. There were some amazing birthday cakes this weekend, a good majority actually. One of these cakes was a first birthday cake. I just adored this little one, because it featured some space-themed adventures. It was a dark blue cake, with colorful planets, stars, and a large drawing of a rocket. I just thought this was so cute! Another birthday cake was also done, but this one took place in the sea, instead of in the stars. Someone ordered a birthday cake of a small ship in the sea! This cake was actually cut out and carved to look like a pirate ship, which is really cool, and even had a pirate flag on top! I thought this detail was also pretty neat, the board was also blue, for the sea, and even had some extra icing on it! I forget exactly which birthday this was, but when I was younger, for one of my birthdays, I had a pirate-themed birthday cake that was kind of shaped like this one, which is what made me also think this cake was pretty cool.  I hope you both had wonderful birthdays!

These weren’t the only birthday cakes I’d like to mention from this weekend, though. One cake trend that has become increasingly popular in the past few years is the drip icing cakes, where the icing looks like it is almost melting off the cakes. This weekend, two of these “drip” cakes were done. The first was more candy-themed. This cake featured bright, bold colors like red and blue, and lots of lollipops. I usually don’t see many lollipops on cakes, so this was pretty neat. And who could forget the sprinkles around the base! As for the other drip cake, it had some great creativity in it. This one featured an ice cream cone, which was “melting”, dripping on the sides of the cake! I thought the colors for this one, like the cream pink and light tones, were beautiful, and fit perfectly for this cake. I hope you also both had wonderful birthday celebrations!

I have also mentioned in the past that I very much like old-fashioned wedding cakes, which have the long, drape-like sashes going across the sides, with flowers on the top. And this weekend, we had two of these cakes! The first was a 50th anniversary cake, featuring little white and yellow flowers around the bases, and more atop the cake. The other version of this cake was actually a wedding cake! Sophia and my mom took this one, and this one was pretty neat as well. This one featured beautiful red roses and other little greens. I hope you both had wonderful celebrations!

As I said earlier, my brothers, dad, and I went on a bit of an adventure this weekend. We had to deliver two wedding cakes this weekend, one of which was at The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle, which is just beautiful there! Speaking of that cake, it was a huge four-tier featuring beautiful flowers and a Disney-themed bride and groom wedding topper! After we dropped off this wedding cake (In that point, I hope you had a wonderful wedding day!), we went down to the park itself. Several years ago, we discovered this small area where these huge trees grew, with almost fake-looking, large branches, and a wide plain of grass and shade. We decided to go down there again, and it was very peaceful! I don’t think we spent as much time down there, but it was still a lot of fun. Overall, a great day.

This weekend was filled with a ton of great cakes that helped make amazing celebrations. And, the best part for me at least was being able to go on a little labor day adventure in cakeland with my family.

Building Memories

Hello, everyone! These past two weekends, we did a good number of cakes, which I thought would be great to put together into one post to sum up the end of the summer, which, unlike the seasonal schedule, will be tomorrow for me. I hope you enjoy this!

From the prior weekend, there were still a few cakes that had to be mentioned. Or, more or less, cupcakes. From looking at the pictures from last weekend, there were a number of unique cupcakes done. The first was actually done earlier in the week, which was celebrating the 3-year anniversary of Good Day Cafe, which is a local coffee shop that employs people with special needs, featuring little green 3s! I am happy we were able to help celebrate this amazing cafe. Another one that was done were ombre-type seashells, featuring beautiful blue and purple hues with sprinkles on top. As for the other cupcakes, there was also little orange slices put on cupcakes as well, celebrating their new “cutie”! I thought this was very vibrant, and I thought it was a unique change from the typical peanut butter cups or raspberries (those are still great though!) I hope you all had wonderful celebrations last weekend!

As for this weekend, some great and unique cakes were created as well. One thing I particularly noticed was the number of fondant-based cakes that were done this weekend, 3 actually. One of which (or two, really), was featuring the Bluey characters from the Disney Junior show, which Alex absolutely loves. I’m pretty sure he loved these cakes as much as I did! Another fondant-based cake was actually a three-tier (which is not seen too much, with fondant at least), featuring a farming theme. This cake’s first layer showed a tire, and the third was based on a haybale, with a tractor on top! I just thought this cake was so cute. The final fondant cake was pretty unique as well. It was, in fact, one of those large number-sized cakes, but what made this great was that it featured different marvel characters, 5 in fact, on different parts of the 5. I don’t know too much about the Marvel movies, but I do like the movies that I have watched, but this was pretty neat. These were all birthdays, so I hope you all had a wonderful birthday celebration!

One wedding cake was done this weekend that I thought was completely different and unique. This wedding cake was definitely full of color, with its base color being a bright blue instead of a simple white. It then featured gold ribbon and designs, with very colorful flowers all over the cake. I hope you had a wonderful wedding celebration!

I think one cake though is one of my favorites of all time: a lego wedding cake! This cake is very unique, and was built, in a sense, perfectly! Lego bakers and builders are “creating” this little cake, which is seemingly built out of legos (or in this case, fondant). And then, on the top, there is a lego-built wedding cake topper, which even has its own wedding cake too! I hope you also had a wonderful wedding celebration!

Although there weren’t as many cakes as usual, there were many intricate and detailed ones that helped finish out a wonderful summer of adventures in cakeland.

Decades of Cakes

Hello, everyone! This weekend, there were some pretty neat cakes that were definitely worth mentioning once again. From fondant-covered cakes to beautiful weddings, there were many cakes to love. Enjoy!

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, there were, two in particular this week, some fondant covered cakes. I used to see many cakes that were literally covered in fondant, mostly birthdays, but they are not as popular as they once were. This week, my mom made two fondant covered cakes: one of a bunny, and the other a drum. The bunny cake was just so cute! This was definitely the one that reminded me of old-fashioned cakes, with the bold colors and the flowers, going around a bunny’s face in the front. This was a birthday cake, so happy birthday! As for the other cake, it was for a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. I thought this was pretty neat. The cake was practically a large drum, evening including drumsticks! I also liked the fondant coloring on the sides of the drums, I thought this made it more realistic. I hope you had a wonderful celebration!

There were also some animal cakes this weekend as well, not including the bunny! Once again, there was a woodland creature cake (I’m sorry, I just enjoy these a lot!) that I liked. It featured a little fall tree, and a fox and racoon. But I think what made this little guy stand out was the owl that was in the tree! I usually see animals like foxes and raccoons and such, but not many owls. This was for a baby shower, so I hope you had a lovely celebration! As for the other cake, it wasn’t woodland themed, but it did feature one type of animal: cats! I think cats are pretty cute, and kind of quiet. For a 7th birthday, this cake featured 3 little cats with a yarn ball. And it featured a nice little color scheme as well (pink and purple). I hope you had a wonderful birthday! There was also another animal birthday cake as well, for two boys. These two liked duck hunting so they had this as a theme! This cake featured some ducks flying, and some wetlands grass as well. I hope you also had a good birthday celebration!

As always, there was one little wedding cake that I thought was pretty neat. This three-tier cake that my mom and sister had delivered featured an array of colorful flowers, making a canopy towards the bottom. I thought these colors were so nice, and although I did not go on this adventure, I was told it was great. This venue, Andrea’s Lodge, was apparently high up in the mountains, and it was beautiful (according to them, of course)! I have always loved the mountains, so I was so happy that they got to go on that amazing adventure.

There was also a wonderful birthday cake that was worth mentioning as well. This cake was for a carpenter, and featured measurement tapes, wood pieces, a hammer, “sawdust”, and more. I just thought this cake was so detailed and needed a mention. I hope you had a great birthday celebration!

Finally, there were some cakes, or more a series of cakes, that just had to be mentioned. These six, yes, six, cakes, and a cupcake! A family had got together to celebrate their loved one’s birthdays this year, and ironically they were all decade birthdays. So, instead of just ordering one huge cake for everyone, they made a cake for each person! And as the number was larger, the cake was larger! The first was for a 20th birthday, so they had a cupcake. The second was 30th, with a 5 inch cake, and then two 40th birthdays, with 6 and 7 inches. Then, there was a 50th, an 8 inch, a 60th, a 9 inch, and finally a 70th, with a 10 inch cake. I cannot think of a time when this type of cake was done, this was just so unique! And it was also cool that everyone got their own little cake. I hope you all had a wonderful birthday celebration! And although there weren’t too many cakes this weekend, a few were still amazing and wonderful, and some, from the mountain hikes to 7 cakes for just one celebration, are ones that will make great adventures in cakeland to tell later on.

“Hope”ful Woodland Adventures

Hello, everyone! This weekend, there were a lot of beautiful and unique cakes that were definitely worth mentioning. It wasn’t a busy weekend, but it was filled with great selections nevertheless! I hope you enjoy it!

This weekend, there were a couple of cute animal cakes I just loved. Both featured the adorable creatures that you commonly see on younger birthday cakes, or even baby shower cakes. The first featured this little (or big, depending on how you look at it!) hedgehog sitting on some grass. This was a birthday cake, so happy birthday! On the other hand, the second cake was for a baby shower. Someone was holding a wonderful celebration for a newborn, and decided to have some cake with it. This cake showed 4 little woodland creatures around a tree stump: a bear, raccoon, fox, and baby deer. I hope you had a wonderful baby shower!

As always, there were two wedding cakes in particular I liked from this weekend. The first was this simple wedding cake, a three-tier. My favorite part about this wedding cake was the icing on the sides, which were decorated to be like a birch tree, not to even mention the eye-popping color of the sunflowers. As for the other wedding cake, its icing design was a bit simpler, old-fashioned almost. But the reason that this cake stood out to me was the flower design of this cake. It featured this wonderful canopy of icing and flowers rolling down the cake, fading from light to dark icing as it was closer to the bottom. Overall, these were great designs, which I hope you enjoyed, making your wedding celebrations a bit brighter!

Speaking of which, an amazing anniversary cake was made as well. This cake was only a little two-tier, but it was filled with design. This cake had the make of an old-fashioned wedding cake, with the large tapestry-like icing designs and all. I have always loved this color scheme and design, and it is something that you really don’t see that much nowadays (speaking of that design). This was a 50th wedding anniversary, so congratulations!

Another cake was also done this weekend for my former art teacher, Mrs. (Megan) Burrows. She was my elementary teacher for most of my elementary school career, and she is now moving near Pittsburgh to live near her family, continuing to be an art teacher. So, my mom made a cake for her friends and co-workers, who had a lovely good bye and good luck party for her. If you are reading this, I wish you the best of luck, you are a wonderful artist and art teacher!

Finally, this weekend, my mom also made a ton of cupcakes for donation to the Hope Fund Gala, which was done this weekend. This fund helps many people in the Penns Valley area, so I am happy that we were able to do this. I remember always dropping off these cupcakes when I was little at the General Potter Farm, and this year, I was thrilled that Sophia and Alex were able to help do this as well. I hope you are able to continue helping people in the future!

Overall, this weekend was filled with wonderful celebrations and memories for everyone, leading to some great adventures in cakeland for the record books.

Vibrant Delights

Hello, everyone! This weekend, or at least in my view, was not as busy in comparison to the week prior. I think this was the first weekend this summer where I did not go delivering! Even though there were not as many cakes (and cupcakes), there were still some neat ones that are worth mentioning. 

2 cakes this weekend, both birthdays, used a lot of fondant. Most of the time, when fondant cakes are done, they are covered with this Play-Doh like dessert, featuring bright and bold colors. And these two were no exception. The first cake was a 3-tier Mario cake, covered with Mario-themed games and ideas. The first two tiers featured cute mushrooms, plants, and Mario’s face. The top tier, which was actually made of Rice-Krispie treats, featured a large mystery box with a large mushroom on top! I thought this cake was pretty adorable. As for the other fondant cake, it was cool too. This was a life-size nerf gun cake! We have done versions of real-life objects as cakes before, and I thought this one had to be mentioned. I thought this cake was pretty realistic, and the color scheme fit well with what you may see with nerf guns. I hope you both enjoyed your birthday celebrations!  

Another great cake that was done this weekend had great detail. This was a birthday cake, once again, for someone turning 50. Making fun of the Jack Daniel bottles (I believe), the cake replaced words that would otherwise signify, for example, the amount of alcohol, with “Courage 60%/Ability 40%”. I thought this cake was pretty neat, and had a lot of detail put into it that was worth mentioning. I hope you had a great birthday celebration as well! 

I don’t think a weekend can go by with an interesting wedding cake. This weekend, one that I liked was a flower-themed one that my mom & sister delivered. This was a two-tier that featured sunflowers! The cake itself was simple, but the large and vibrant sunflowers combined with the greens really had a pop of color. I hope you had a wonderful wedding celebration!

Although this entry was somewhat short, I thought there were a lot of great cakes that were done this weekend, from an American flag cake, to a 21-shaped cake with alcohol bottles as well. I hope you enjoyed these small tidbits in cakeland that form a larger adventure in the long haul.

The One With Hot Wheels & a Volcano

Hello, everyone! This week, or more or less this weekend, we had some amazing cakes, some also with great adventures. From beautiful places to unique cakes, there were many cakes and stories to talk about from this weekend. Enjoy!

    First, there were many little occasion cakes that just needed to be featured. From this weekend, one cake I liked in particular that fit this category was a 1st birthday cake. It featured beautiful macaroons, which we usually do not use that much. This cake was just plain adorable, with colorful flowers and golden writing on the side.

Another two  great occasion cakes I liked from this weekend were also camping-themed. The first had two pine trees, a tent, and a little campfire on a ground of oreo crumbs, which I thought was pretty cool. The other camping cake featured more of a modern take with it, featuring an RV and wooden chairs. Another cool fact, this cake was a wedding cake! Overall, I hope you all had some great celebrations, from weddings to birthdays and much more!

    Another type of cake, no, wedding cake, that was done frequently this weekend was the naked cake! Three were actually done this weekend. One featured purely lots of green foliage, while another was decorated with red and golden flowers. The last of which, though, was a 4-tier wedding cake decorated with blueberries and lemons, representing the lemon cake with blueberries inside. The fun fact about this cake though? The reception was held at Beaver Stadium! Although I am not a huge football fan (sorry if that offends anyone!) I still thought this was pretty cool, and an amazing experience. My mom works at Penn State in general, so she actually knew several of the people working there for the wedding, on top of the other businesses hired for the reception. I believe we were on the fourth floor (which I remembered due to the fact that the elevator was very loud), so the views of both inside the stadium and the surrounding areas were pretty cool. I also got some pretty neat pictures, which I currently still need to print and put together. Like I mentioned earlier, my mom knows several of the members who were working at the stadium for the wedding itself, so we were able to get some pretty neat pictures of the stadium itself. My grandfather (and practically the rest of my mom’s side of the family) are huge football fans, so I will be sure to send some pictures I got to them soon. I hope you all had some great wedding celebrations!

    Now, after a cake and venue like that, it would be pretty hard to top something like that, but I would say this also came in equal amazement to that: Alex’s (my little brother) 9th birthday celebration! On Alex’s real birthday, July 20th, my mom,  Sophia, and Elliot made a simple little cake with birthday candles, but also with gummy bears! I just thought this was kind of cute. For Alex’s small birthday party we held yesterday (Sunday), however, that was a different story.

Alex, being the tech person that he is, looked up pictures of cakes online, and found a Hot Wheels one using real cars and tracks. Although it didn’t look exactly like the one he found, I think it fit what he wanted. We ended up building a working car track into his birthday cake! For the main part of the cake, my mom had put two cardboard pipes onto the board for each track to go through, and then layered half sheets on top. Those two track pieces then went through the cake, and then onto a ramp (which we innovated to make with a paper towel roll), to jump into a volcano! It was pretty cool, except for the fact that no cars actually made it into the volcano, only destroying the sides. Most cakes (unless you count smashers) are not really “interactive”, so this was very interesting and unique. I really hope you had an amazing birthday, buddy! It really made this weekend an adventure in cakeland not to forget. 

That Time She Found a Little Pooh on Her Cake

    Hello, everyone! At the time of me writing this post, my little brother’s birthday (which I had hinted at last week) has not occurred, so I will actually be writing about that next week. I hope that is okay, and although that has not happened yet, there are a few cakes this weekend that I thought were pretty cool, so enjoy!

    The first cake that I noticed while looking through the pictures from this past week was an adorable little Winnie the Pooh cake! I have not seen a cake featuring Winnie the Pooh in quite a bit (although I have written about them before). On this cake, there was a drawing of Winnie the Pooh on the side, eating honey (or, “hunny”),  and other little trees, butterflies, and bees being featured along the cake. Speaking of which, we recently got Disney+, so Elliot has ended up watching a Winnie the Pooh series for the past two weeks that was on Disney Channel when I was little. So if Elliot had the chance to see this cake, he would probably love it (but he probably would have destroyed it first!). This cake was a baby shower cake, so I hope you had a wonderful celebration!

    Another thing I noticed this weekend was an abundance of animal-themed cupcakes! One set of cupcakes had chickens and penguins, which were for a birthday. One thing I liked about these was that the penguins were designed so the white-shade of the face was in the shape of a heart! As well, there were some more zoo-themed animal cupcakes as well. These cupcakes were made out of icing (unlike the others, which were of fondant), featuring lions, zebras, and giraffes. These were both for birthdays, so I hope you both had a great birthday celebration!

    Finally, another cool animal cake was done this weekend: of a peacock! As of the time of my writing, my mom is actually still working on this cake, but I can already tell that it is going to be great! The cake itself is just one-tier tall, but it is made up of an array of cupcakes as well! The peacock, made out of fondant and rice-krispie treats, sits on the top of the cake, and the long feathers flow towards the bottom of the cake. Then, the cupcakes lay on the bottom of the display, where each has a fondant feather on it! Overall, it was a pretty neat cake, and very unique as well. This was a cake that someone ordered for their own birthday, as well as “the end from working at home”! So, congrats, that is pretty cool!    There were a lot of cool cakes (and cupcakes) that went out this weekend, it was pretty hard to choose a few to feature in this week’s blog. And, for sure, next week, we will have someone’s birthday to discuss! I hope you enjoyed these small and great adventures in cakeland!