A Trip to the Cupboard

Hi! This last Friday my dad, my siblings and I had to go deliver a cake to a place called Rusty Rails, in Mifflinburg. Since we had to go so far he promised us an adventure. My mom was working so he loaded us up in the “family truckster” as he calls it, otherwise known as the Tahoe! I was so excited!

After delivering the cake, it was for a wedding the next day, my dad announced we we’re heading to Country Cupboard in Lewisburg. My sister, Sophia, went here before with my dad, but I had never gone.

When we finally arrived at the restaurant, I was amazed. The place was huge! I loved seeing the shops. Soon after, we all sat down and ordered the buffet order, which was amazing! I loved all the food, especially the Mac + Cheese. Sophia loved the wooden nickels! Alex was beyond excited and got the biggest plate of shredded cheese and huge bowl of ice cream. Even Elliot loved it! He must of ate over 6 rolls! Of course on the way back we hit a yard sale or two and stopped at a local discount store. My dad can’t refuse a deal. 

I’m happy that I got to spend time with my family, while we had a great adventure in cakeland.