Sweet Holidays

Hello! I hope everyone and your families had a great winter holiday! One tradition our family has is going to the Nittany Lion Inn in December. Why, you ask? To see my mom’s gingerbread house, of course!

Every year my mom, with her work at the Penn State Bakery, makes a handmade gingerbread house replica of the Nittany Lion Inn! The first year she did it was the year I was born. That year, she accidentally made the roof blue instead of black! That story is always told when we travel to see it.

This year had to be one of my favorite houses yet. When we finally got everyone rounded up and inside, we were able to see the amazing house. It was huge! My favorite part of it had to be the wreaths in the windows. When seeing these, it reminded me of when I used to go to Centre Hall Elementary and do Gingerbread houses with my school. Did I forget to mention that? Yes, my mom and dad also run that, too. Every year around this time, my parents host a Gingerbread house decorating day for the whole school of Centre Hall Elementary. Even though I’m now too old to go there anymore, I help out my family on the set up day, hauling in the gallons of candy (and maybe snack a piece or two as well), and gluing the houses together.

Sorry, I got a bit off topic.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, from baking cookies to decorating houses. Backing back up to the Nittany Lion Inn gingerbread house, my mom quickly snapped a photo of my siblings and I by the masterpiece before we had to leave, since Elliot wasn’t the happiest. Even though this day was a bit rushed, this adventure, along with the many others of all of our holidays, was an amazing adventure of cakeland.

Happy New Year!

Scouting Christmas

   Hi, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! My favorite food I had was the mashed potatoes. Even though I had off school, I was busy. Last weekend, I did a ton of stuff with my Girl Scout Troop, #40076. On Saturday, we went down to the Lion’s Club in Centre Hall. Last weekend was our town’s celebration for Christmas and I was a part of it! At the building, there were stations along with other Girl Scouts and Scouts, doing different types of Winter festivities. My station was rice krispie decorating. Each person who visited our station would get a rice krispie (on a stick) and would ice it, and decorate it with different sprinkles and icing. It was so much fun, and all the little kids were so cute! I remember that some each took a little of all the sprinkles and put it on their treat, making it a huge pile of sugar! 

  On Sunday, my troop came over to my house to make some cookies. We had six different types of dough my mom had made beforehand. I had a great time with my troop, scooping away at the dough, arguing whether the dough, if eaten, is bad for you (which it is!)! 🙁 In all, after all the scooping and baking, we had created over 60 dozen cookies! The best part about these was that we are going to give them away to many people who have helped our troop this year. I hope I will be able to do many more adventures in cakeland like these with my fellow scouts.  


   Hello, readers! This week, my great-grandmother, Helen, turned 100! My family and I knew this was a special, so we decided to hold a surprise birthday party for her! It has been in the works since the beginning of the year, and I’m so happy it finally came together. My family and I traveled a painstaking 3 hours to Allentown, PA for the party. We arrived on Friday, which meant we had some time to kill before it. That meant for us hanging out with some of  my family (mom’s side). We watched my cousin’s news report (she works for the local news station), watched football, and just, well, hung out. I hadn’t seen them since Christmas, some even years before that. I love my family. They are great!   

The next day, it was time for the big party. My grandmother, mom, and I headed down with a few others to set up the church where the party was going to take place. In the blink of an eye, almost everyone had arrived, and there were so many people! I didn’t even know most of their names! And then, there were all the little kids. My siblings, and several distant cousins were chasing each other around, squealing and making epic slides under the cake table!

And finally, my great-grandmother (we call her Gram) arrived. She was so surprised! We all soon got some food, and ate. I sat with my dad, and he kept joking about the ‘cool kids table’, which was where my closest cousins and aunts were sitting. We all sang happy birthday, and my Gram blew out her candles. Suddenly, my grandfather stood up, a plaque in his hand.

It turned out that the mayor of Allentown proclaimed November 23rd, 2019, an appreciation day in her honor! That’s so nice! Afterward, we all just were hanging out and talking with each other. I hadn’t seen some of these people in 5 years, so it was nice to talk to them. Overall, I love my family, and they are always there to support me. This was another great and amazing adventure in cakeland with the ones I love.

Sweetest Time of Year!

Hello, everyone! I’m sorry for the delay of posts, we’ve been super busy here getting ready for Christmas season!

These past few weeks have went by in a whirl, with getting adjusted to high school to discussion and planning of gingerbread houses and cookies. My dad has so much candy in the house, it seems like we could drown in it!

I love when we go down to the CHE and set it up for the 250 kids! I miss doing them with my classmates, and I wish I could still do them, but my dad and I can’t convince my mom to do the high school. Besides the elementary school, we also do gingerbread houses for the Sprucetown church (coming December 4, 2019, click the link to get the details). This year, one of my friends can come along! I’m super excited!

One of the lovely houses created at Sprucetown UMC in 2018

Cookies, on the other hand, are a completely different subject. These treats are more on our own time, with one sole purpose: to make others happy. I love the smell of cookies as it waves throughout the house, Christmas music running in the background. When I was little, we used to go around to some homes in town and drop cookies off on their porches. I hope we are able to do that again one day. In all, the Christmas season is the best time of the year. This is probably the season of the greatest adventures in cakeland. 

Cupcakes for a Cause

Hello, readers! This week, I got to help out my mom out with a special fundraiser: Chefs on Stage! If you don’t know already, Chefs on Stage is a fundraiser where chefs from across Centre County come and cook food for people, who pay to enter, and can donate money in many other ways. Then, they choose a place for the money to get donated to.

This year, they chose TIDES, a non-profit organization that helps kids and their families about the death of a loved one. I think that this is a great way to help everyone.

I love going to Chefs on Stage, and helping my mom do this. We had to wait for a while, but we then got to set up all of our cupcakes we were handing out. Since we were chefs, we got to go on stage, and talk to the crowd of everyone! We even got a little gift bag!

When the people eating were allowed to go to the hall to get desserts, they had formed a mile long line! Just to get our cupcakes! Everyone was so nice there, and they seemed to love our cakes. Soon, the crowd started to die down, and it was time for us to leave. It was sad to go, but there’s always next year. This was an amazing adventure in cakeland, that will always benefit everyone, in some shape or form. 

I Saw the Sign!

     Hello, everyone! One thing my family tries to do is find parks to go to, when we’re out. This weekend, my brothers, dad and I had to deliver a few cakes to Cooke’s Tavern, Paradise Ranch, and Harmony Forge. When we were heading back home, I saw a sign that said ‘Community Park’. We followed it, and ended up at this amazing park! It was old fashioned, and had an old merry-go-round! I remember one I used to play on when I was little, but it was then taken away, and I hadn’t seen once since. It was great! My brother Elliot ran to the swings, and my other brother Alex was playing in the small creek near the park. I checked out a lot of the features, such as all the slides, swings, and a little bus! I hope we can find another park like this one was someday, old fashioned, and great for everyone. This was a fun adventure in cakeland! 

Monster Weekend!

Hi! This weekend, my mom had made a cake for WPSU for her job at the Penn State Bakery  for hosting a special party for the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street! My mom and I got to deliver it, and I just don’t know how to explain this. It was amazing! The delivery guys from her work  had loaded up the cake and drove it to the station. When we took it out, people had started swarming us as we took it in! One person,Carolyn Donaldson, was even recording for the news! Once we were inside, we stood for a few photos, and then we got to take a picture with Cookie Monster!

Patriotic Pastry Fun!

  Hi, everyone! This weekend was the annual Constitution Day celebration. Every year, we get to deliver a cake or cupcakes to the celebration. This year, we did over 250 cupcakes! It was so cool when my mom and I delivered them. We got to check out the booths a little bit, and then deliver the cupcakes! The cupcakes were so pretty, with little red, white, and blue sprinkles! I hope we get to do this adventure in cakeland every year on out. It’s awesome!

Every Adventure is Sweet

   One thing I also love about cakeland is seeing the different cakes and cupcakes my mom decorates. For example, this weekend my mom did an ADORABLE Winnie the Pooh 7 in. Baby Shower Cake.

I loved this one because I am a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh, and it was just so cute! Another one this weekend was these gender reveal cupcakes. Sometimes, the people getting the cupcakes don’t even know the gender yet, only we do! I think it’s great doing these cupcakes, they are usually cute, and people love them!

Even though a huge adventure didn’t happen this weekend, I still enjoy these small Adventures of Cakeland. 

How I Spent the Last Weekend of Summer

Hi, everyone! This weekend, I had gone with my 2 brothers and dad to deliver a cake at McCann. I LOVE going there, because it’s in the middle of the woods and is peaceful and beautiful as well! My dad had to put flowers on the cake called Baby’s Breath, and the cake turned out to be gorgeous! 

On Sunday, my Dad and I also got to deliver a 50th wedding anniversary cake at Above the Valley! I love the view of Penns Valley there! Since we were out, we went last minute school shopping for 7th grade which starts on Tuesday! I’m so excited! I can’t wait! This was a great weekend of some Adventures in Cakeland.