Thank you.

Hello, everyone! During these tough times, my family and I wanted to acknowledge the members of our community who are helping others. For this, we chose the people who are taking time out of their day to help out the kids in our community who are missing our school breakfasts and lunches. These people are working at Penns Valley Area School District to prepare food  and deliver to the kids during the weeks we are not in school.

These people are so kind and nice to do this, so we wanted to pay it forward persay. What did we do? Well, since we do cakes, we gave them cupcakes to just brighten their day while working. If you have worked on this and are reading this, everyone in this community is thankful for your generosity and time you put into this program to help the kids in our area (and I hope you enjoyed the cupcakes). Even if you didn’t help with this, and are doing something else to help, we thank you. This is definitely an adventure in cakeland to go in the record books.

Top 5 Cakes of 2019

Hello, everybody! With everything that has been happening in this period of time, not many cakes have been going out. Because of that, I’ve decided to put together a special blog. This week, I’ll show you my top 5 favorite cakes of 2019! With that, I’ll start with number 5.

            #5: Rubber Duck – As I was going through my mom’s photos of cakes, I stumbled upon this little cutie. I chose this cake as number five because it’s one, so cute, and two, it’s pretty simple, with light colors.

            #4: Winnie the Pooh (#1) – I chose this cake because I love Winnie the Pooh, and so does my mom. It reminds me a lot of watching it when I was younger, making it a happy cake for me.

            #3: Planet Cake – I chose this cake because it just looked amazing! I love the planets and the stars, so this was a cake that had to make it on this list. 

            #2: Winnie the Pooh (#2) – Yes, I chose ANOTHER Winnie the Pooh cake! Again, I chose this one for the number two spot on this list for the same reasons as I did with the last cake, including the simple quotes.

            #1: Beauty and The Beast – This is my number one cake for a couple of reasons. One, it has all the names of everyone involved in this musical, as well as an extra tier! Wow! As well, it reminds me of the cake my mom did for my musical a few weeks ago, which brings back a lot of good memories.

  So, what did you think of this throwback of cakes? I hope everyone is happy and healthy during this time! I hope these adventures in cakeland brought you joy!

They’re Always After Mom’s Lucky (Cake) Charms!

Hi, everyone! You probably know that Tuesday, March 17th, is St. Patrick’s Day. Did you know that the symbol of St. Patrick’s Day (the 3-sided shamrock) is used because it was said to be the way that St. Patrick explained the Holy Trinity to early Irish pagans?

Anyway, this week, I chose TWO cakes for the blog, because I thought they go hand-in-hand with the holiday.

First, I chose a very simple, but amazing cake. It was a simple, 3-sided shamrock, green with a white border, sprinkled with gold sugar on the border. To me, the cool part of this cake was all the tiny swirls that made up the icing. Kind of like little droplets.

Now, the other cake was actually a birthday cake for two little girls. This cake was a normal birthday cake, pink with white trim, rainbow sprinkles, saying “Happy Birthday” on it. Why is it for St. Patrick’s day, you ask? Well, inside this cake it is rainbow layered! Yes, every color of the rainbow, created by food dye. This was an amazing collection of cakes this weekend in cakeland. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Encore, Encore!

  Hello, everyone! This weekend, as I said in the last blog, was the weekend of the musical. As usual my family donated cupcakes to go along with the dinners and snacks all the families provided for the cast and crew. 

 Although, that’s not all my mom did. On the Friday of the show, my mom made this outstanding cake for all of cast, crew, and pit! It was a full-sheet cake of chocolate and vanilla with the large logo of the musical (The Little Mermaid) on it. The best part, though? EVERYONE’S name was around the sides of the cake! Mine was on the front (it was done by mistake!) of the cake. Once the cake came in, everyone seemed to love it, getting pictures with it, finding their names, and more! By the time the both musicals were over, ALL of it was gone! In all, the musical went amazing, both nights. If you did, thank you for coming! This was a definite adventure in cakeland to go in the books. 

Cotton Top

 Hello, everyone! This weekend has been pretty normal, but, or at least for me, I will be really busy this week. Our school does a musical every year, and I’m finally old enough to join it. Well, specifically the stage crew. Anyways, this week is dress week for our production of The Little Mermaid, and from what I have heard, it’s pretty tiring, but super fun! I hope everything goes well for the showings! Anyways, back to the blog. This weekend, my mom made this simple birthday cake. It was pink, had some white trim, with a little note on the side saying ‘Happy 9th Birthday’. Simple at first, still very cute.

But then, there was something special at the top: Cotton Candy! In my life of living with cakes, I have never seen any cotton candy on cakes, truth be told. On the cake, it had the flavors of blue raspberry, cherry, and grape. Of course, there was extra, and I got to eat them! I hope whoever got the cake loved it. As for this weekend, a little special cake, for a very special adventure in cakeland. 

A Tale of Two Cakes

   Hello, everyone! Once again, I haven’t gotten to go on many trips like I do in the summer, but I do have some amazing cakes my mom did! This week, there wasn’t just one, but TWO special cakes! They were just so amazing, I couldn’t choose between them! Anyway… the first cake was an awesome Harry Potter cake!

Now, I have seen maybe hundreds of Harry Potter cakes, so why is it special? Well, I don’t know how to explain it, but this cake was just so cool! I don’t read Harry Potter myself, but my friend, Maggie, does. She’s basically the Harry Potter expert! It was a 3-tier cake with, of course, the sorting hat on top. Underneath the hat, there were some books, a quidditch ball, and just so much more! I loved all the little details that were put into it, and even a special little Hagrid cake written for the birthday person! This cake was, in plain words, amazing.

The second cake on the other hand, represented one show I love so much: Friends. Friends is (or at in my opinion) the best show ever. I won’t get into details with that, though. The cake was completely purple, with a yellow frame in the middle. If you watched the show, it was Monica’s door color with the frame. That is amazing! Underneath the frame, it had the Friends logo. Last, but not least, it had the Central Perk logo on the front side, with, on the bottom trim, it said “The one where Cassie  turns 50”. To me, that was awesome! Overall, this was a great time of adventures for my little cakeland. 

Mental Awareness Wedding

   Hello readers! This weekend, my mom made a special wedding cake. I mean, there’s tons of wedding cakes that I see each weekend, but what made this one so special? This cake was donated to a special wedding called Wedding for Good.

Now, as I quote from their website (, “A traditional wedding unites two people. Wedding for Good unites the community.” Now, you’re probably thinking, what does that mean? Well, this is a fictional wedding hosted to help raise awareness about mental awareness. People pay a small fee to attend this wedding of two people, for fun (it’s not real, it’s for the cause), and then they have activities of a wedding afterward to involve special causes. For example, the Tides program, Jared Box program, the list goes on.

To me, this is an amazing thing. Mental Awareness is super important, and it’s good to support it. Anyway, all the stuff in the wedding was donated. Of course, we donated a wedding cake. It was a simple one, only 3 tiers with little ribbons and flowers, but, to me it was beautiful. I hope the Wedding for Good continues to happen. It’s amazing! This is an adventure in cakeland I will not forget. I hope we get the chance to do it again. 

Sophia at the Expo

  Hello, everyone! This weekend was a busy one. If you know, The Central PA Bridal Expo 2020 occurred. This is a big thing for my family, so we do many things. Now, this year I did not go. My little sister, Sophia, did. So, for this blog SHE will tell you about her experiences with the Bridal Expo! Enjoy!

   Hi everyone! I’m Sophia and I will be telling you about my experiences at the Bridal Expo! The -Bridal Expo was so much fun, I got to do so many different things! For example, I got to walk around and  pass out cupcakes, telling people what the different flavors were. All of the great flavors for those great cupcakes were Chocolate, Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream, the rest of the cupcakes had just white buttercream. Anyway, Vanilla, Vanilla, with Raspberry Filling, which is one of our most popular Cupcakes, Lemon, Orange, Spice. oh and of course Red velvet! Wow, that’s a lot of flavors!

Oh, and talk about the people! Everyone was so nice and thankful.  I also got some extra stuff people had at booths. A couple of people got more than five cupcakes at our booth after the bridal expo.Wow! We did have some extra cupcakes, but we gave some of the extra to friends then the rest of the cupcakes were for… me! I’ll tell you, if you had the choice of one of the cupcakes at any flavor, your mind would BLOW!

   Thanks for reading everyone! Even though it wasn’t an adventure I experienced, it was an amazing adventure in cakeland that my little sister, Sophia, got to do as well.

Diamond Cakes

  Hello, everyone! Not much of an outdoor adventure has happened in the past month, but some indoor ones have! Like I have been talking about in the past weeks, some amazing cakes have been ordered. Although, there hadn’t been only just that.

This weekend, my mom had a cake order for a 2-tier cake. Now, since it was going to be snowing hard this weekend, they ordered only a few, small, cupcakes. Even though these cupcakes were fairly simple, with only a small flower with silver sprinkles, why did I choose them?

You see, the couple who would be receiving the cupcakes would be having their 60th Anniversary, better known as a Diamond Anniversary. To me, I find that amazing. Being married for 60 years! When I was doing some research for this blog, I found some amazing information on the Diamond Anniversary.

For example, did you know that these anniversaries were popularized after Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee? Or that you should give them a bouquet of 6 white flowers, one different one for each decade of marriage? If you want to see or find more information for these anniversaries, search them up! There are amazing resources for these Diamonds. In all, I just want to say congrats to the couple, and I hope many happy years after for you two! This was an adventure in cakeland I hope I don’t forget.

Simply Wintry

 Hi, readers! This weekend, like many this time of year, wasn’t quite as busy. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything! On Saturday, my mom made this gorgeous winter wedding cake.

Even though my favorite season is fall, winter comes to a close second. Winter-themed cakes have always, and will probably always will be, my favorite. The are, in a way, simple and peaceful. You just have a little sugar here and there, beautiful greens, and big ol’ pine cones littering the canvas of a cake.

This particular cake had thick red ribbons around it, with a nice, small icing trim on the bottom. Beautiful simple, in my opinion. Then, the cake had all this little swirls on the sides, with this bouquets of pine cones and pine branches to accent it. To top it all off, little drops of white icing to resemble snow were on top of the pines. This may seem like a lot to many, but to me, this is a simple and beautiful cake, partly for the sake of being wintry and simple.

This cake, along with many other winter cakes, are some of my favorite pieces that come into my adventures in cakeland.