Checking Out Cookies

   Well, welcome to my new blog, The Adventures in Cakeland! We have been trying to get this set up for sooo long, and we have finally did it!

   This week, my mom got to go down to the Centre Hall Library for these Out of this World cookies! We got to make the cookies, and then the kids got to come and decorate them! I love the library, so when I got this chance to go there, I was THRILLED! We got to help all the kids with cookies, and I was able to find books to read as well! This was just one of the many Adventures in Cakeland.

The Cake Lady’s Daughter

Hi! I’m Isabella Luse, or, ‘The Cake Lady’s Daughter’. I live in the world of cake, cupcakes and sweet treats with my crazy family. With going into 7th grade this year that just adds on to my crazy life.

When I had the opportunity to create a blog, I decided to do it, because I LOVE to write, and I wanted to share my stories of cakeland with the world.

So, enjoy these crazy adventures of cakeland while balancing Family and 7th grade with it.

– Izzy 🙂

Meet My Family!

Heather Luse has been baking for as long as she could reach the wooden spoons. Guided by old-fashioned baking wisdom, she takes the science of baking and combines it with the artistry of decorating and brings it all together to coordinate and beautifully compliment your wedding, party or event theme!

Her “real credentials” are: Yes, she attended a real culinary school with the white hats and everything and has been baking at Penn State since 1993, currently the executive pastry chef.

Delectable Delights by Heather is a family business. Everyone pitches in wherever they are needed.  A small business…
Life is complicated enough, we’re not about to make the business complicated, too. Our small business approach keeps everything on a one-to-one basis, whether by phone or by email. And we don’t “overbook.”

We don’t have “office hours” nor do we have a showroom so “just walking in” is not a good idea. Our home business is a business, oddly enough, based in our home. In order to keep home life and business separate, we prefer to set up meetings with clients at a time that is convenient for you and for us so we can relax and concentrate on the cake at hand. This is especially true for wedding cakes. A sit-down discussion is necessary for a wedding cake, but not so much for Uncle Charlie’s birthday cake.  So plan accordingly.


Can you recreate a cake if we provide you a picture?

Heather: Yes, just bring the photo along, the more detailed the better.


Can you come up with a design for us, maybe show us some ideas?

Heather: Yes! We have lots of photos of cakes we’ve created and we can customize one just for you.


Can you make my cake match the wedding theme colors, bridesmaids’ dresses or the bridal gown?

Heather: Yes. Swatches are needed for colors and a photo of the dress.


Can you include fresh flowers?

Heather: Yes. The florist who designs your arrangements is the right person to put together the flowers for your cake. Make sure you mention this when you are arranging for your arrangements.


Do you ship cakes?

Heather: No.